Monday, October 01, 2012

Return From The Summer

The summer tried to kill me.
Almost literally.
First was the heat, and while we weren't the only ones with a heat wave this year, I can't say that makes me feel better about weeks of temperatures previously known only to cookie dough.
My previously abandoned architecture career tried to resurrect itself - and it still might not be done trying. In a horrible, zombie like way. That's a whole post unto itself. Gah!
Then BHB and Seth got married, so that was a flurry of dresses and shopping and traveling and family and pictures and new in-laws and that is another whole post in and of itself.
The index finger on my right hand has developed trigger finger, which, as we all know, is my affliction of choice. The doctor isn't free to see me until November, which means it's going to hurt a lot more than it does now before it gets better.
There's the whole Relief Society President business too, and while it doesn't seem all that time consuming I am constantly running up against things that need to be done. Like the sister in the ward who had surgery AND the one who had a baby in the same week and they all needed meals and my second counselor moved out of the state with a week's notice because her husband got a job transfer.
I had to speak in church the Sunday after the wedding.
RHM came to spend a long weekend in August and we see her so seldom we tried to cram a lot into those four days.
Tarzan's parents came the next weekend for a few days on their way to teach English in a foreign land for a year. There were even more activities and family time and random legalities necessary before they left.
The Academic Decathlon team met twice a week this summer as well, to get a head start on the information for the year and though I don't have to go, it eases Tarzan's anxiety about corralling 15 +/- teenagers if I come along. Apparently they behave better when I am there. Something about the possibility of cookies, but if that's their good behavior I am a little scared about what they're like on days when I'm not there.
And after I stop apologizing, because I vowed to never apologize for being busy, I am amazed at how fast the time went. I don't remember living September at all.
I'm sure it was more of the same.
Nevertheless, I am making the blog a priority, if only to remind myself of all the stuff we do and plan a post a day at least until the end of the year.

This is me and I have never done that before. Two whole months with nary a post.


Master P said...

I honestly am amazed you can do all that you do and then ever catch up on your blog, what an insane summer! But it's best to get warmed up now, since NaBlPoMo is coming!!! Welcome back, you've been missed :)

Renay H. Marquez said...

I was glad we got time together this summer. Have missed your posts. Welcome back. Get in the groove before NaBloPoMo.

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