Saturday, October 06, 2012

A New Car!

When Tarzan got home from work today, we went to look at cars.
There have been some really interesting deals in the newspaper lately and it's been six years for him in the Kia.
We went first to a Toyota dealership with an ad in hand, that just seemed too good to be true.
Turns out, it was. Apparently, a retraction was in the works. A decimal point had been moved two places to the left and so they wouldn't let us lease a car for $47.99 down and $100 a month for three years.
Go figure.
So that wasn't the place. But Honda had a better deal and Tarzan liked the feel.
He's very tall, with long legs, and most cars have him squished. The Accord did not. It also has a lot of nifty features; the tire pressure sensor, the valet key, the eco button, seat adjustment memory so he and I can switch back and forth easier.
So we got it:
Of course, for the moment we have three cars in our very little backyard:
Which is going to make parking an challenge.

This is me; does anyone want a fairly nice Kia Spectra?


Cathie said...

Congrats! I LOVE the seat setting memory...I like our new car, but boy do I miss that. It really helps when your husband is nearly a foot taller.

Master P said...

You have the fanciest cars!!! I'd love to see you guys haggle :)

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