Monday, October 29, 2012

Poor Thing

I almost felt sorry for the poor little telemarketer that called Aunt Richie's house today.
Of course, I almost laughed at him too, so I guess it's fair.
The phone rang and she answered - which is rare enough - then comes back to the office and says the phone call doesn't sound right, that it's 'suspicious."
Apparently the guy on the phone needed someone to be in front of the computer while talking to him because we "might have a virus."
Already I knew it was a phishing scam but I picked up the phone anyway and asked what he needed.
He directed me to look at the bottom right corner of my screen for the Windows button.
I had to interrupt at this point and tell him we didn't have Windows, but were running Mac OSX 10.6 instead.
I could hear his disappointment as he answered, "Oh? Oh. Oh, well, I guess your computer is fine then. You...probably don't have a virus."
I could well believe he cried when he hung up the phone he was so deflated.

This is me, and I almost asked if he had a protocol script for Mac OS. But I didn't.

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Cathie said...

Haha, they tried that on my dad--who is a computer programmer--and he wasn't very nice to them about it.

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