Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seasons Come, Seasons Go

I love Fall.
My birthday.
Our anniversary.
General Conference.
Warm days and crisp evenings.
If we're lucky it rains and washes the last of the sticky heat from summer all away.
But Fall also bugs me sometimes.
Why does it seem like only last week the sun stayed up until 8:30 and now it's going down at 6?
We haven't even hit Daylight Savings Time yet.
I don't suffer adversely from the decrease of sunlight, as those with Vitamin D deficiencies do, but people in traffic get really cranky once it gets dark out. And it's a different sort of dark from summer dark. October & November have a harder and colder dark than June & July do.
Maybe it's timing, or temperature, or the fact that there are a zillion things I need to do before Christmas, which is in only 10-1/2 weeks.
Or maybe their really is "something" in the air this time of year.
Whatever it is, it makes me want to go to bed with a book once 5:30 rolls around every day.

This is me and almost overnight, it's Fall.

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Master P said...

Agreed. I'm so glad I have a fall birthday, but MAN there's a lot to do during this season. I miss the sun though. And aaaaaaghhhhhh. Wanna come do Christmas for me this year?? ;)

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