Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Real Problem

While I appreciate that a large portion of the country cares very much about how to handle the undocumented immigrant population in the ways of health care, education, employment and all that - and I appreciate the focus on deporting those that are breaking the law in a violent way as opposed to just hopping the border fence - and I know there are a zillion things for the lawyers and congressmen and President to be doing in the capitol, *I* feel I would be less bitter about the whole thing if the method of applying for legal residence didn't take SO. AMAZINGLY. LONG.
*I* feel that if those who were applying for residence the way the country recommends were at the top of the list, rather than bumping those who have just shown up - and in a lot of cases don't want to even learn the language - then the country would not be so angry about "illegal aliens."
If it takes 6-8 months to apply and be granted legitimacy through this Dream Act thing and 6 YEARS the "proper" way, why the heck not do it illegally?
I ask you.
(Can I also mention this is completely a bipartisan complaint. No party has ever proved able to speed up the application process for persons following the rules.)

This is me and *I* think it would work better.


Anonymous said...

You should send this blog entry to your Congressman and Senators. You're right. Neither party cares about what really matters because the hunger for power and control had dimmed reality and reason in politics.
Good on ya!

Elizabeth said...

Amen. I've said this for years actually.

Cathie said...

See, this is why I hate both political parties, because neither of them represents my beliefs. I agree that the best way to stop illegal immigration is to make it easier to do it legally. It seems so obvious and yet...

Master P said...

Do you have any sisters I could marry to help out? In New York?

Jane said...

MasterP: as a matter of fact I do. Two lovely ladies, very talented, smart, funny, one's 27, one's 23.

Cathie: I know! This is why I always argue for a third party option, just to prove to the big wigs that we don't need them after all and they should step up!

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