Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daily View

For the next two weeks, Stingy's (Tarzan's cousin) nanny (for the 16 year old) will be out of town, which means no one is available to walk the dog every morning.
Enter me.
I am one of these employees who can be asked to file, laminate, dice, chop, bake, dig weeds, get groceries, run an open house, return a phone call, make a reservation, cancel a reservation, online shop, show a house and now walk the dog.
(All in the same day.)
I've never walked a dog before. We've always had cats, and a cat would throw up in my shoe if I suggested a leash or taking them for a walk.
It's been interesting.
Fortunately, the dog is so starved for attention that she doesn't mind my inept attempts to keep her in line. And she's decently sized and not about to need carrying, which is a plus:
(She also doesn't like to sit still for photos. That was the best I could get.)
What kills me is the neighborhood I walk through with this dog. Stingy's house:
The house next door:
And the view from the top of the hill:

This is me and it could be worse.

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