Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Thought Green Meant Go

What is with pedestrians and not walking when the light is green - or showing the little dude walking - and then going when the light is red - or showing the red hand - or sauntering across in the middle of the street, or starting to walk when there are only 03 seconds flashing on the signal and not even making an effort to go faster when there are cars in two directions honking and clogging up the intersection and yet when the light is green, welcoming them to proceed, they hang out on the corner, so I don't know if I can turn right or if they're just taunting me?

This is me and what is with people?!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Minor Rescindecision

Despite promising to not apologize for not posting once upon a time, I have been really pathetic lately about putting things on this here blog.
(I contemplated writing things and then post dating them so it didn't look like I hadn't put anything here in 2 months, but there you have it. It's been 2 months.)
Big stuff going on over here.
A sample:
- ATL getting a new job, a new car, a new apartment, packing and finally, moving this coming weekend.
- the yard project became a little more ambitious this year (more to come, including pictures!) with the blackberry vines, new blueberry bushes, another round of herbs, many, more herbs! and the avocado and lime trees which have not died as of yet. Plus the old faithful orange tree and it's ant problem. 
- a HUGE project up at Buster's place; really, it's one of those projects architecture students do in school because no one in real life would have the money or inclination to build such a monstrosity. Except for this guy and his bazillion dollars and too much imagination. It makes my head hurt to think of it. But I have to because I'm drafting all the interiors for the sucker.
- church callings, which is nothing new, and a little bit less for me because I am not the president of anything and the actual president is pretty phenomenal, but there's Tarzan's bishop-ing thing to account for.
- we're planning on getting our nasty old carpet changed out for hardwood floors this summer, so I have been trying to lessen the clutter and lighten our load here in the house. It's slow going and will get slower without ATL but it's gonna have to get done.
- BHB is having a baby any day now, which will involve a family road trip up north to see her and him and them. Absolutely fun and exciting but some more things to plan and be busy with.
- I'm sure there is more, I just can't think of it now and have to get back to the house from Dirt's (the original architect) imagination.

This is me and I'll try to need to apologize less.

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