Friday, February 27, 2009

I Knew Football Was My Favorite Sport

I will say this - he was a diplomatic guest. Unassuming for a man in his position, with his history, especially considering the environment. I mean, speaking to a group of a previous arch rival, he said nice things about both sides, was funny AND held down the rioting. I like him even better now than I did when he worked for us.
I refer to Norman Chow, the once offensive coordinator for the football team of my - and Tarzan's - alma mater. Then he chose to leave us for a professional team in The Deep South and I was sad but whatever, change of pace, new life, WAY more money, blah, blah, blah. THEN - and this was a big then - he returned to the world of college football...wait for it - for our biggest rivals. Bonus being that we share the town with our biggest rivals AND that's the school ATL is attending. Ah, the irony.
Amusing story, Norm - we call him Norm - was the guest speaker at a dinner/lecture thing this evening at ATL's school, so Tarzan and I, all decked out in our best red and gold gear, trooped across town so we could listen and maybe heckle just the teeniest bit.
Turns out Norm is a classy guy. We weren't hard to miss, matching jackets and all, but he stopped by our table, said hello, commented on the jackets and shook our hands. During the Q&A Tarzan, thinking he would be funny - I thought he'd provide them reason to stone us - asked how it felt to be working for the rivals of a team he spent so much time working with and building (that would be our team). I felt that Norm handled it well - whether it was true or not - when he said it was more about the relationships between the people and less about what team it was. Football is just a game (there were a few gasps from the crowd) and it's the interactions that are most important. That was well put, and I don't believe he was being sarcastic nor pandering to the audience. I think he meant it.

This is me, getting some football in the off season.
(Not that anyone was counting but Norm DID mention a lot of people from USC and not so many from his current employer.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Better Late Than Never I Always Say

So, I was telling you that I am the most stubborn in this relationship? Here's a good example I realized while making banana bread this morning.
When I was a kid, helping my mother bake, I never understood the need for the spatula. Some of you may call them scrapers:
In fact, I was highly against them. One more piece to wash - I hate washing dishes more than any other chore - when the knife, spoon or finger that has already been employed would do just as well. So irritated by the idea of them was I that we didn't register for any when we got married. Some well intentioned - and far more intelligent - person surely thought it was an oversight and gave them to us anyway. For years I wouldn't use them. They just laid in the drawer, taking up space. The sight of them made me curl my lip and sneer. Seriously.
It's only been recently that I have begun to incorporate their usage into my baking. (It was a necessity thing - I was out of other applicable utensils I think.) WHAT COULD I HAVE BEEN THINKING waiting so long? They are quite ingenious in design; flexible, with a wide cross section that allows for easy scraping out of bowls, particularly brownies and other soft doughs. Takes so much less time than the scrape-pat-scrape-pat that is necessary with a knife and spoons are actually quite cumbersome, designed as they are to trap edibles in the bowl and not let go.
I totally use spatulas all the time now. I reach for one more often than any other item in the drawer now.

This is me, taking only eight years to change my mind.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mothering Type

Remember my telling you about how Tarzan's in charge of the Academic Decathlon team and we had them over for dinner once, and I made them muffins for one practice session and all that?
They're calling me "Momma O'Grady" now.
Which is sweet but also a little weird. I dropped some snacks off after school today as I was running errands and they all - ALL - wanted to give me a hug. I'm not the sort who makes friends on the spur of the moment, nor did I ever envision myself with a fan club. What do I do with them now? I hadn't planned on going from childless to teenagers overnight.

This is me, with groupies.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar's 81

I am hoping that opening number was supposed to be cheesey. The man was laughing at himself through out, or maybe he was just out of breath...I will say this, Hugh Jackman can rock a tuxedo. Even while hip-hopping and dancing with men in tights. Or perhaps it's still the astonishment that Wolverine sings and dances better than he rips heads off. I was surprised at how good Beyonce was. That number wasn't really her type of music. (Zac Efron needs to learn how to bow and keep his top hat on.)
If you haven't guessed, it's time for the Academy Awards again.
I love that there's a table this year for the winners to place the statue. It's been said that the little gold man is heavy. I also love when the young punks in the audience don't know they are supposed to stand for an amazingly famous star.
The little montages were cute - and helpful for one who hasn't seen a movie in the theater all year...wait no, I did see one, Momma Mia!, last summer - and here's my question: why do most of the climactic scenes in a movie take place in the rain? You would think it would be problematic with costumes drooping and make-up running and hair hanging down.
I liked having five past winners present the current five nominees. It was different and fascinating, touching and appropriate I thought. (And since we've all supposedly seen the movies we don't need a clip - which may or may not have been the scene that got them nominated - of said movie so a personal commendation from someone who has won an Oscar was lovely.) What was up with Christopher Walken's hair? And why did they play Gone With The Wind music for the best actress presentation? None of those women had anything to do with GWTW. And neither did the nominees. Just saying.
There were some awkward moments - the presentation by Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman was odd. I did love her dress though. Also loved Reese Witherspoon's dress.
Query: Did anyone else notice that the color scheme for the night was cream with silver brocade? And straight up black tuxes and white ties for the men. Bo-o-oring. I read the pre-show articles about having semi-famous people lead the delirious winners in the right direction when leaving the stage, but I didn't notice anything special about the escorts. They didn't seem overly famous or particularly more beautiful than in years past.
I didn't notice anyone get played off - does that mean they're actually giving shorter speeches? Or just talking faster?

This is me, with the Academy Awards review and it felt like the timing wasn't quite on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Don't Know About Trivial

This meme comes from the blog-that-I-read-that-I-will-never-tell-you-about because I have issues a lot of the subject matter, and the attitudes of the contributors but it is also hilarious a lot of the time, so I likely won't stop reading but I'm also not shilling for them. Apparently it's also floating around Facebook but as we've determined the only reason I visit Facebook is to play Mafia Wars.
These are supposed trivial questions about you and your spouse.
What are your middle names?
Mine is the same as my mother's mother and Tarzan's is a family name from a few generations and dozens of countries ago.
How long have you been together?

We've been married eight years and we were engaged for a year and we dated for another year, so I guess that makes ten. Dang.
How long did you know each other before you started dating?

Officially? Probably a year, but Tarzan says he started pursuing me almost as soon as we met. He's so cute that way. Seeing as I had to dare him to kiss me the first time.
Who asked whom out?

Depends on how you consider...nah, he asked me. I was totally hung up on some other guy at the time and didn't even think of it as a date until we were in the middle of it.
How old are each of you?

I am 32 and Tarzan is 33. He's about 18 months older than I.
Whose siblings do you see the most?
My first impression is to say his, they travel a lot and often stop by The Jungle on their way to other places, but there are more of mine and they mostly live near here, so maybe we see mine more?
Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

My gut says the not having kids thing, since we both want them, but that's not hard on us as a couple - it's just hard. I guess it's the same as for most other couples - lack of time together. Tarzan is crazy busy and even though I help as much as I can, if he's got to teach, or go to a chess tournament or an academic decathlon event, he has to go. And I will see him when he gets back. Unless he falls into bed, dead tired. Then I will see his hair and maybe his feet. Sticking out of the blankets on a bed that isn't long enough for him.
Did you go to the same school?

We went to the same college - Fight On! - and it makes for a very united front when we watch games at other peoples' houses.
Are you from the same home town?

We are from practically opposite hometowns. My home town was a very humid, flat, sea level place in the Frozen North - and I do mean frozen. Tarzan is from the high altitude, so dry your lips fall off after a few hours because there is no air up there, Rockies with the ski resorts.
Who is smarter?

Tarzan - though it may depend on the subject matter. He is way better at interpolation and he reads much faster than I do. But I like to think I can catch him in the memory department, with the remembering of what we were talking about yesterday stuff.
Who is the most sensitive?

Where do you eat out most as a couple?

It's hard to pick a "most" eating establishment, we are lucky to have so many in The Jungle, and they are all awesome. Our favorites; The Melting Pot, California Pizza Kitchen, Yokohama, Chipotle and/or the Szechwan Restaurant.
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Mexico. I know, we don't get out enough.
Who has the craziest exes?

Probably me, since darling Tarzan only has the one. The only other girl he dated with real intent was the summer he MISTAKENLY thought I broke up with him. And I wouldn't call my ex-boyfriends crazy...there were just significantly more of them. Some less sane than others, true. But I speak to most of them once or twice a year.
Who has the worst temper?

Definitely me. Well, I have the loudest temper. Tarzan's is a simmering rage, mine involves yelling and throwing things. Good thing we aren't mad all that often.
Who does the cooking?

Oh I do. Other than the microwave, we don't let Tarzan mess around in the kitchen.
Who is the neat-freak?

Again, I don't think I am a freak, though I certainly put things away more often than Tarzan does. I like to have a neat house, but unless company is coming, I don't flip if there are socks on the floor.
Who is more stubborn?

Totally me.
Who hogs the bed?

Tarzan would say I do, but it's just the fact that he tucks the blankets under his chin and then ROLLS over and ALL the covers end up on his side, so I HAVE to scoot over or I'd freeze.
Who wakes up earlier?

Definitely Tarzan. Jane is just NOT a morning person.
Where was your first date?

My apartment I think. He used to make dinner on Sunday afternoons for me...well he would bring the ingredients and I would make dinner on Sunday afternoons. The first time we went out was to a movie at the $3 theater on campus. I really miss that theater.
Who is more jealous?
Oddly enough, I am. Not that either of us get all stalky and read the other's emails or get mad at an attractive co-worker. Tarzan's just more mellow - and a little oblivious - so it doesn't bother him.
How long did it take to get serious?

Tarzan says he was always serious but I think it wasn't until we kissed and he didn't die from the exchange of germs that he really started thinking about it as more than just a fling.
Who eats more?

Tarzan, no question. He loves his food, but he has really odd eating habits. He does not eat breakfast, lunch is inhaled in 10 minutes and then dinner depends on the meetings that night or whatever. I often wonder if I am really that good a cook or if he even tastes what goes down.
Who does the laundry?

I do, though Tarzan helps with the folding ever since he freaked when I folded his socks together IN PAIRS. It seems they fraternize in the night and it's every sock for itself.
Who's better with the computer?

I am more gentle with and interested in fixing a computer problem, but am also more oblivious to what might cause a problem and therefore need more help in the fixing. Tarzan is work it until it drops and then get a new one.
Who drives when you are together?

Tarzan, unless he's tired or sick and needs me to drive. I will say, we get there faster when I drive.

This is me, with what appears to be a balanced relationship.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We're All Family

Is anyone else totally addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook? Because I sure am. I love the energy regenerating, the loot, the collections. I was awake until 2am this morning just so I could finish a job and make the next level. I know.
I did get to see an ancient episode of MacGyver which reaffirmed my love of Richard Dean Anderson - who has aged well, don't you think? - so it wasn't all bad.

This is me, a hitman in the Mafia.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ridiculous And Also Really Funny

Saw this on a random website I was passing by:

This is me, OMG, people, are you serious?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Shopping Trip Ever

In honor of it being a holiday and all, Tarzan didn't have to go to school. And seeing how we kinda missed Valentine's Day we spent the whole day together, hanging out. The office chairs we've been using weren't new to begin with - when one of my offices got new, prettier ones the staff got to claim any of the old chairs for their homes - and they've gotten older since. Tarzan, in particular, has recently tried out an Aeron chair, fell in love and decided we needed to get new seating for our desks.
Best. Shopping. Trip. Ever.
Because IKEA is the greatest store ever - and because we had a gift card - we started there. This is the new desk chair:
It's a little tall for me, I feel like there's someone behind me all the time, so it will be the chair at Tarzan's desk but the best part is we paid less than half price for it! And the starting price was 10% of the Aeron chair, so yay! Elated from that purchase we ventured out for lunch at Fuddruckers, which was one of our favorite places when we were in college. Good times.
After lunch we wondered through the adjacent mall, remembering - passed the pool parlor we frequented before they raised the age limit - and in one of the department stores we saw a really awesome dress. Tarzan had commented on the...age, shall we say...of the great dresses in my wardrobe. Now I don't usually buy dresses at the mall, because, they are WAY overpriced, BUT, as luck would have it, we had a gift card for the store it was in and this fabulous dress, hits me in all the right places, was bought for $7 dollars. SEVEN people, seven dollars. And it's red. The dress is red. So awesome. I need to find shoes to match but I know what I want, I just have to find the store that makes them.
THEN, because the day was not awesome enough, we browsed a $1 book store, stopped at Coldstone Creamery, because we had a coupon, and - some funky thing with said coupon - we got the ice cream for free!
Awesomest day. Just me and Tarzan, shopping, great deals, good food, awesome new dress, and did I mention that we were together ALL DAY? No other responsibilities, no time table. I think the last day we did that, was...our honeymoon? And we were sick then, so that doesn't count really.

This is me with the best day ever!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Post

The irony of this blogging thing is that I have the most time to blog when there's very little action in my life. When the pace picks up the incidence of posts goes down. It's one of those inverse proportion things they taught us in high school. (Hey! I actually used some high school math!)
So just in case you were worried, or some archaeologist 10,000 years in the future is having a brain aneurysm about why there's a gap of five - 5! - days in this narrative that he can't account for, I shall summarize it for you - and him - or her.
Wednesday was spent in preparation for Thursday. I suppose I could have blogged about vacuuming with my very nice vacuum but you've heard that before, and no one really cares about what cleanser I use for the kitchen sink. There was also some grocery shopping. Hoo-ah. (Additionally, this was only the first of the days I didn't post so the sense of urgency just wasn't there.)
Thursday was insane. There was the usual craziness of volunteering at the food bank/cannery in the East Jungle; people who don't come when their appointment is for, or come without one, or want things we don't have. I have a much greater respect for those who work in retail. I'm giving them FREE food and they can be kind of mean. Imagine if they had to pay for it. I didn't get out of there on time so I was a little late getting home, which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but THIS week Tarzan was having the Academic Decathlon team over for dinner precursor to their awards ceremony at the downtown Convention Center. I had "volunteered" to make dinner and help shuttle kids down - and then back to their homes - from the shin-dig. So, prepping the ingredients, actually making the dish - Tarzan's favorite, Mandarin Orange Chicken - and then being all hostess-y for these smart but very urban teenagers. I think I am officially a fogey now; as in old fogey. I couldn't understand half of what they were saying when they talked to each other - they were very polite to me - the kid's slang these days is totally foreign. We ate and chatted a little and then they played Trivial Pursuit for a bit until it was time to leave. They do like Tarzan though. It's almost like he's one of them. Well, an older, more mature one of them; a less crude and profane one of them. They respect him in an urban, ghetto kind of way. The only down side of the evening was the length of the awards ceremony. On a school night the thing lasted nearly three hours - and then we had to get the kids all home again. I don't know about them but I was exhausted by the time we made it to bed.
On Friday I was late getting started and it was raining really hard. I don't ever remember the rain pounding like it did as I was driving over to have lunch with Cogent. Then it stopped suddenly and the sun came out for the rest of the day. Weather is so weird. I had a bunch of errands in the afternoon - getting my mom's vacuum repaired, and ultimately replaced so I could take it out to them Saturday.
Because he would be working and I was going to be out of town, Tarzan and I had a pre-Valentine's dinner at - you can probably guess - The Melting Pot. I thought it might be too decadent to go again so soon but the man was insistent. And I have to say, it was, as always, impressive. For dessert we were daring enough to order the Cherries Jubilee fondue, which they set on fire at your table. I thought their other desserts were good. But. Oh. My. Gosh. Was that the most fabulous thing I have ever eaten? I think so.
Yesterday was, of course, Valentine's Day but rather than spending the day catering to Tarzan's every wish I was out in The Desert helping my youngest brother with a school project. It seemed a little odd for a health class to assign a multi-media project but whatever. So we shot some videos and edited out a cute little All-About-Me sort of thing. It did take some time though. I left here shortly after 8am, got there at 10, left there shortly after 8pm and got home around 10. Poor Tarzan. He had to work, fetch ATL for laundry night AND feed himself. It's a good thing Monday is a holiday. I can make up for his spending Valentine's Day alone.
Today - Sunday - which is always a busy day, was quite calm in comparison. Thank goodness.
So that's what I've been doing - not too exciting really. What can I say?

This is me, with the update.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Kind Of Girl Am I?

I've often wondered the answer to this question myself. What kind of girl AM I?
Which choice better defines you?
Pick your answers then pass it along to 20 girlfriends, or however many you want - including me if you want to - and let's see how much we have in common!

1. Mountains or beach? Beach
2. T.V. or books? Depends I suppose, on the book and/or the show
3. Vampire or werewolf? Werewolf
4. Disneyland or Six Flags? Disneyland
5. Bath or Shower? Shower
6. Pedicure or Massage? Massage
7. Cook or reservations? I guess that depends on where and what
8. Biography or fiction? Fiction
9. Prince or cowboy? Prince probably - depends on the Prince of what?
10. Pool or ocean? Ocean
11. Wine or beer? Beer of course, root beer!
12. Red or pink? Red
13. Shooting range or theater? Theater
14. Coffe or tea? Neither, unless I wasn't a good Mormon girl and then it would be tea, iced.
15. Suntan or sunscreen? Can't one have both?
16. Flowers or chocolate? Flowers
17. Video games or board games? Depends on which of which
18. Steak or chicken? Steak
19. Skirt or jeans? Jeans
20. Cook or clean? Cook

This is me, this type of girl.

Monday, February 09, 2009

It All Makes Sense Now

I suppose I should feel guilty for fighting with Tarzan (well not fighting exactly, more like disagreeing harshly) lately as his motivation for being cranky and irritable and grouchy is because he is sick. Not his usual kind of sick either, but feverish and achy and there has been lots of moaning and groaning which is highly irregular for the manly man that is Tarzan. He even missed church yesterday and THAT right there is reason enough to call a doctor - if they still made house calls, though they don't and why is that? Considering what we pay them in premiums and co-pays and all, the least they could do is come to the house where we wouldn't have to leave our warm beds and put on clothes so they can tell us to drink fluids and get lots of rest...really they go to school for 40 years to tell us that? - but he seems to be on the mend despite this having been his position for the last two days:

This is me, with a sick Tarzan.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Since ATL moved out to go to school I have been surprised at how much I miss her. I hadn't realized how much time we had spent together when she lived with us and how much of a void there is now that she lives at school. School's really not that far away and we see her every other week - laundry day you know - and sometimes in between, but it's not the same. So I was glad for the chance to pick her up from work last night and go shopping. Nothing as therapeutic as shopping.
I was also glad for Target's penchant for jumping the gun holiday style. Despite Valentine's Day being in a week, the first thing to assault our eyes when walking through the automated front doors was a sea of green and sparkly. I do love me some green and sparkly. All the St. Patrick's Day stuff was out and I could not have been happier. We bought some silly glasses for another sister, tried on many hats that have nothing to do with the Emerald Isle other than the color scheme and I got this for our dining room-that's-really-a-hall between the living room and kitchen:I don't know if it's inherently Irish either, but it's a nice sentiment and just what I needed to hear yesterday.

This is me, glad for some retail therapy.

Friday, February 06, 2009

A Work In Progress

I have made it one of my goals for the spring to finally get the front yard cleaned up, trimmed and get a garden in. Not a big garden to be sure, but a few of the things that we use all the time, like green onions and broccoli, and some fun things, like watermelon and snap peas. We'll see - I dream big you know.
But the first part is getting the yard cleared out. This is approximately what the front area looked like when I started:The apricot tree is bigger, though it's lost all of it's leaves this fall. Is that normal? The orange tree doesn't do that. This is the strip by the mail box:
In retrospect I should have had the contractors install a fence with a solid bottom to prevent all the trash and whatever from blowing in from the street. I did not, so there was a lot of plastic to pick up. Still. I felt pretty good about it all. I pulled out the dead bush by the front gate:
Don't know what I want to put back there just yet. Maybe the plant in the dining room that is getting too big for it's pot:
Does anyone know what kind of plant that is? (Yes, Liezel I'm talking to you!) I trimmed all the dead branches out of the California Lilac bushes, which makes it look a little weird, but hopefully there will be room for the new growth in a month or so:

I cut the orange tree WAY back too. The big wavy branch that was threatening to topple the whole thing over had to come out:

(I apologize for the Christmas lights, they're not ours, but they make it into nearly every picture.) The succulents do really well, and I suspect that's because I never mess with them:

This is me, my green thumb is apparently a little bit brown and a little bit blue...maybe some yellow and red too.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rainy Days And Thursdays

Of course today it's raining and the fence would never have caught fire if it had rained yesterday. BUT it's okay because there are definitely no residual sparks lying under the brush and no more nightmares for me about the house burning down around me. Which is good.
I will post the yard post, I promise but Tarzan and I are having a miscommunique and it sucks and makes me exhausted.
Hopefully tomorrow is better.

This is me, tired.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Not A Crowded Theater

I had a post percolating about the work going on in the yard but that can wait - this is so much better.
First, what does this look like on my car?:
If you guessed ash then you win the prize! Yes, yes it is ash. Apparently one of our neighbors was barbecuing a leetle too close to the fence. He blew on the flame - don't ask - and it caught the dried morning glory vines aflame. That spread rather quickly and the whole mass fell onto, you guessed it, our side of the fence. Fortunately I was at home because the neighbor was scurrying back and forth from his - front - apartment to the backyard carrying little buckets of water to splash over the fence when I went out to photograph the front yard. I have a hose and we soon turned that on the fire and it thankfully went out quickly.
The burn area:
This is me, with a house didn't burn down, yay!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Tonight was the committee meeting for the local cub scout pack. Somehow I was elected secretary for this thing so once a month I traipse across two freeways during rush hour so I can record the notes and try not to shoot people. Every month I appreciate the joke about the camel being a horse designed by committee more and more. Each of these people is perfectly lovely on their own - and I have had interaction with them so I'm not just saying that - but putting them all together in a room and trying to get something done is nigh impossible. One of them just WON'T SHUT UP, another one has a negative comment about every suggestion, some of the parents are very bossy and the cub master tries to incorporate everyone's ideas - which takes FOREVER - and sometimes gets us nowhere. The committee chair is a marvelous person but she's not forceful enough to manage all the crazies at once. I really try and keep my mouth shut because I might start yelling and we don't want that. I don't want that, but I have a hard time with inefficiency and disorganization...and this committee is both.

This is me, frustrated.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Month, New Meme

Well, maybe not a new meme. New person tagged me though. My brother - who knew he was into this blogging thing?
This task is to compile a list of your 25 favorite songs. These are songs that you cannot live without. They are songs that have made you who you are. They make up the sound track of your life. They are the songs that you would want with you on a deserted island. These are...okay, you probably get the idea by now.
Once you have the list, tag 25 friends and share it with your world. Then, of course, your friends do the same.
By the way, it would be great to share the name of the artist.
Here is my list (in no particular order, because that would be impossible)
Though I may find selecting ONLY 25 songs to be impossible. I listen to and love a lot of music. How does one choose which song from Wicked is the best song? The whole musical changed my life. And I too have to save #4 because, well, it's awesome.
1. For Good, Wicked (the Broadway Musical)
2. This Is The Moment, Jekyll & Hyde (the Broadway Musical)
3. I Am Woman, Helen Reddy
4. November Rain, Guns 'N Roses
5. Standing Outside The Fire, Garth Brooks
6. Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leppard
7. You're The Inspiration, Chicago
8. Pomp And Circumstance, Edward Elgar
9. Jumpin' Jack, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
10. Fever, Peggy Lee
11. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), Journey
12. Dancing Queen, ABBA
13. Jupiter, Gustav Holst
14. If I Had A $1,000,000, Barenaked Ladies
15. Marble Halls, Enya
16. It's Raining Men, The Weather Girls
17. You're Still You, Josh Groban
18. Oh L'Amour, Erasure
19. Black Velvet Band, The Irish Rovers
20. I Write The Songs, Barry Manilow
21. Stone In Love, Johnny Mathis
22. The Sound Of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel
23. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, Johann Sebastian Bach
24. Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy, Big & RIch
25. America, Neil Diamond
Since I got chided the last time for no tags, I will include some. There will not be 25 - I don't think I know 25 bloggers - and don't feel you have to, only if you like memes, music and me. Therefore: RHM, Rocketgirl, Elizabeth, Keah, Juliann, Phatfiddle, QC and Lola.

This is me, with my favorite songs. Honorable mention goes to Kristin Chenoweth, Stephanie J. Block, The Carpenters, Reba McIntyre, Yanni, Joan Baez, The Bangles, Idina Menzel, Elvis and John Denver - there just wasn't room for them all.

From Whence You Cometh