Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Happiness Is

Happiness is sitting on our new reclining couch with the baby asleep on my lap, a blanket over my toes (the weather is up and down like a roller coaster over here), my phone and iPad within easy reach and nothing begging to be done today.

This is me rejoicing.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Throughout His Life

And just like that (6 weeks ago), Cheetah's love affair with the mop is over. One day he was enthralled and the next day he stopped looking at it while we changed his diaper. I think his eyes must have "set in" or something because now he follows our faces and looks at colors and is FAR more interested in seeing things than before.
Poor mop.
Cheeta's new trick is planking:
I was a little sad that his mop fetish ended when it did because so many members of our families came a few weeks ago at the end of January, to be part of Cheetah being given a name and blessing, and I wanted to show them in real life.
Alas, it was not to be.
A lot of family came for the event and it was lovely to see them:
My brother and his family made an unintended surprise arrival, as he had told our sister and our mother that they were coming down but I had never heard the news so it was a total shock when my nephew and two nieces walked into Primary that morning. A wonderful surprise.
This photo is one of my favorites from the day:
Our first 'formal' picture as a family:

In other news, Cheetah continues to grow. He's almost too long for us to continue changing him on the counter in the bathroom:
We're going to have to get him real furniture soon.
He's taken to chewing on his hands, his shirt, any handy piece of cloth:
The car seat restraints, his mother's shirt, hair or hands and everyone asks me if he's teething but I don't think so. He has no fever, he isn't irritable and he nurses with no complaints. He just likes his hands:
And he likes his Daddy:
it continues to amuse both of us how quickly he can change his demeanor. That previous picture was taken at 6:51pm. This was 6:52:
And when he sleeps he retains his "huddled masses" personae:
Which amuses me.

This is me and I'm not getting a lot done other than gaze at the baby.
P.S. Cheetah turned 15 weeks yesterday.

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