Friday, October 05, 2012

Election Coverage

In my conversion to NPR I have heard this slogan frequently; "No Rant, No Slant?"
I'm inclined to grant them the first. They tend to have logical discussions and interviews, taking turns, no screaming. The hosts do not go off the deep end, encouraging verbal battles and dissent among the guests. In fact, the guests are handled very well by the interviewers.
I can't give them the second part though. There is CLEARLY a bias in the pieces done by NPR. And the types of guests brought on and the angle the questions take.
One of the reasons Tarzan and I like to watch The Daily Show so much is Jon Stewart highlights faults on both sides of the political stage. The writers notice the hypocrisy and silliness and stupidity on all sides.
I'm a big one for fairness and real equality, not media hype and sensationalism, so I like to see good and bad noted for all parties.
NPR does not drift down the middle as much as I would expect a station with "no slant" to do. And as the election gets closer, the coverage gets more intense and much more frequent. I am so annoyed listening every day to a reiteration of the story that was done before, with no alternate ending and not even new guests sometimes.
As a friend of mine says; blargh.

This is me and if I vote tomorrow can I stop hearing about it?


Cathie said...

I totally agree with your assessment of Jon Stewart. He is equal opportunity BS-caller. So great.

Master P said...

AND it's pledge drive, too!!! Ugh!!! (and I love Jon Stewart as well :)

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