Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life Goes Faster Than You Think

Onesome: Life Goes Faster-- than you want it to sometimes. Is anything moving just a little too fast for you lately?
  • Ummm, everything? The day, the week, the month, the year. Life. It's all going so fast. Everything except the one thing we really want. No way to speed that one up, oh powers that be in the universe?

Twosome: (Faster) Than You-- can pull a search? ...anyone know where the subject and title for this week's T-3 came from off the top of their head? No? It's worth a quick search...

  • Don't know the artist, because I never know the artist or the band or even the title of the song, but I do know all the words. Country song. About a guy who sees an old man celebrating his hundredth birthday and they ask what his (the old man's secret is) and he says "Don't blink." Come to think of it that may be the title of the song...anyway, don't blink...because life goes faster than you think. Brad Paisley maybe?

Threesome: Think-- ing about Summer? Time at the beach? Vacation plans? ...or not: has the fuel price thing put a hold on some plans? ...or are you thinking of alternate forms of travel for Summer fun?

  • Fortunately we live near the beach and in one of the greatest towns ever for vacation stuff. Also the ASKR is here this year so yay! Gas prices do suck royally however. What is that all about?

This is me, with the summer getting here.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Does anyone else feel tired after resting?
We had a nice holiday here in The Jungle; slept in, had a picnic in the park, played some Frisbee.
Nice form, ATL: Tarzan with the return:
Came home, made some cookies, it was nice. Hope yours was too.

This is me, on a holiday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anna's Tax Wholesale Sale

Onesome: Anna's Tax-- Okay, what is the most onerous tax you've ever run across? Yes, alcohol and tobacco can fit in, but I was thinking of some regional quirk...
  • When we lived in The Frozen North our sales tax just for the region was 12% never mind the national taxes. THAT was onerous...
Twosome: Wholesale-- or retail? Do you prefer to drive to the wholesale stores to save over the regular store prices? ...or does the handy 5000 pack of macaroni and cheese not work for you?
  • There are just some things that are cheaper at the warehouse stores. It is a tough job to buy ONLY those things though and not get caught up in the pretty, fun, specialty items that certainly are NOT cheaper. It's a great place to get non-perishables too because one doesn't have to worry about using it all up before it goes bad.

Threesome: Sale-- Do you have 'Tax Free' sales in your area? Every so often one of the hardware places has a "We Pay the Sales Tax" weekend. ...and hey, 8% is 8%!

  • I often think I ought to go to one of those "We Pay The Sales Tax" events but I can never think of what I want for the place that is having the sale this time and then there's the crowds because it's nearly always a holiday weekend and do I need whatever it is they're selling? Nearly never. So one day, when I really need a new mattress or rain gutters or something, I'll go.
This is me, not feeling very bloggy this week.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Fortunately the DVR is not busted and was only having a temper tantrum last night when we couldn't get it to work. It did mean we didn’t see Dancing With The Stars but, fortunately, again, ABC re-broadcast last night's show so we didn't miss a thing. Yay ABC.
The cha-cha face off was cute. I liked having all the couples on the floor at the same time. Latin is not Jason’s strong suit though and it was obvious when he missed the steps. Too bad.
Oy. Just when I thought we had seen the last of Julianne. She showed up again. Bleah. Of course she and Mark have been professional partners in the past so it makes sense...
Kristi and Mar’s freestyle was interesting, I was really hoping for some dance moves - ballroom dance moves that is…too much hip hop for me. Hmmm, but apparently the judges do not agree. I really, REALLY wish we could have some sort of score card so we knew what they were looking at.
What was with the giant beach ball in Jason’s freestyle? They sure are forgiving of the hip hop this season, Laila got lambasted when she threw some funky moves into her freestyle dance, as did Mel – I know it’s the freestyle but still.
And I just have to say, again, that Tom is the best host EVER. Seriously. I wonder if he writes his own stuff or if he can just deliver well?
Okay, right there, that is why Cheryl is the best teacher, professional dancer to have. That freestyle dance was awesome. She choreographed a routine using actual moves from the ballroom world. That is what I think of when I think of the freestyle. The judges stink. They are certainly all over it and not in a good way, but I liked it. It was fun, it was sharp, it was ballroom. It was great. A small part of me wants Christian to win. A small part of me wants each of them to win, though as they keep telling me, that can’t happen. So we shall see - in the next paragraph as a matter of fact.
It certainly seems that the judges are gunning for Kristi to win. Carrie-Ann and her "woman power" business. They tried last season to get a woman to win, with Mel B, but someone underestimated the banana. This time they are pushing even harder for the female to come away with the trophy. Kristi deserves it, no question, but she should win it because she can dance, not because she’s a girl.
I guess Usher (musical guest for the night) is a big name in some circles but I’m not feeling it.
Despite it being two hours long, there’s really not a lot to this final show, other than the recapping of everything. It’s funny how, by the end, I forget who was on the show to begin with. It was a shame that Penn went home so early. He wasn’t bad just inexperienced. But whatever. It’s in the past, all in the past. Oh. My. Gosh. That was such a funny speech from Adam Corolla. “This is why the terrorists hate us…” The best part was he was serious! Hee hee. Since when do the returning celebrities do an entire dance? I seasons past they have done a 10-15 seconds of their dance and then we've moved on. There was a reason most of them went home when they did.
Hahahaha! Having the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders present the junior trophy was hilarious. And I am so glad that Brandon and Brittney won the Junior Championship. After their paso doble last week…it matters not how funny and cute the littler kids were. These two were fantastic.
Aw, that's a little sad, well it would have been sad no matter what, that Christian came in third. This really is a hard finale. There is not a clear favorite for me this time. Which is weird. I wonder if it’s possible to tie?
Aaaand there we have it – Kristi Yamaguchi is the season six winner!
Both good and a little sad. She probably IS the better dancer but I feel a little bad for Edyta. So close. So close to winning finally after six seasons and to almost have it must hurt a tiny bit. (And just because it’s a reoccurring theme: WHO dresses that woman?)

This is me, with a season that went my way.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Please Stand By...

We are experiencing technical difficulties...please stand by...we are experiencing technical difficulties...

This is me, with a sketchy DVR at the moment.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Seat Of Learning

It seems I have a few more months to wait until that psychologist gets in touch with me so I have had to turn to other sources for explanations of my freaky dreams. Like Uncle John at the Bathroom Reader Institute. He has this to say about how psychologists interpret dream images.
  • If you're naked, you're dreading an upcoming event because you feel unprepared, ashamed or vulnerable.
  • If you're falling, it's a subconscious response to real-life stress, However some experts say the "stress" could be something as simple as a mid-sleep leg or arm cramp.
  • If you die, it doesn't portend death (yours or anybody else's) - it suggests insecurity or anxiety.
  • If you dream about a dead relative, you've come to terms with the loss. Psychologists say we dream about deceased loved ones only when the grief process is complete.

Too bad I don't dream about ANY of those things...what does it mean if someone ELSE is naked in your dream? I dream a lot about people I know, or knew, but doing really strange things. What if you live a TV show in your subconscious? Last night I dreamt I was in the new show Greek, not an episode that I've seen yet, but I was not really IN in it. I was definitely just an observer of all things.

This is me, wanting to trade in my mind for a fresher one.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mark My Words

Tarzan thinks the weekly memes are weird. He says he doesn't read them usually because "they don't make sense." I find this highly amusing from the King of Random, but this one post every week is slightly removed from my everyday myopic mumblings. If it's really annoying to my faithful few then let me know. Your thoughts?

::Onesome: Mark--ing devices? What do you use to mark things up around the house, school, work, wherever? Does the Sharpie rule? ...or do you believe in the sanctity of the pencil?
  • I am a firm believer in "to every thing there is a purpose," so in some cases a pencil is the thing - Sudoku puzzles for example - and for others - like labels - only the Sharpie will do. But the only hard and fast rule is once started with a certain type/color/style of marking device, it must be finished with the same. Hate having the shopping list partly in red pencil, partly in ballpoint pen and partly in green felt tip...

::Twosome: "My-- day starts off best when I......" I'll let you fill in the blank at your place!

  • ...get to sleep in...don't have to rush out somewhere...get to read the paper...don't forget not in a fight with Tarzan...have a good hair morning...don't have odd kinks and aches in my neck or arms from sleeping in funny positions.

::Threesome: Words-- of a feather clump together? Nah, but hey: what word pairings do you use routinely? Are you into alliteration? ...pithy comments? 'Down home' sayings? Give it up for Thursday!

  • I am all about the neatly delivered zing. If it takes half a second for someone to realize I made a funny then it was good. I don't know that I have a "preferred" speaking method. (I'd really like to develop an Irish accent but that's something else.) Sometimes it's an association made long ago - like calling Catherine Zeta-Jones, ZetaBeta because of the Zeta Beta Tau house near my apartment when I was in college. Other times it's from a movie or a show, or a song. Or from a book. I add "wee" and "aye" to things right now because of the Outlander series I am reading. But that will go away when I'm done. Recently I have started saying "Oy" all the time and I can't remember what I used before that weird?

This is me, with maybe the last meme ever - you decide.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Down To The Wire

Hey, it looks like people actually read this thing sometimes! That's weird. So when I posted this little gem, it was not from a new house, but merely from someone else's house. So no worries peeps - I would totally tell you if we moved.
At the risk of jinxing what has been a pretty beautiful season I have to say it is rare that we get what we think is the right thing with these "reality" shows. But this time around...ssshhh, Dancing With The Stars it is going my way. The results show last night was awesome if only because of the junior dancers. That paso doble was amazing. I haven't seen anything better, even when the pros do their demonstrations. So awesome. And the music didn't hurt. Who doesn't love Phantom? And despite Sam's questions, the kids were all pretty nice and fun in the interviews. I really love the oldest of the three couples. Maybe they are more mature or more talented or more something but I enjoy watching them the most. The other four kids are cute - but I was really impressed with the 13 and under contestants. I was not impressed with the Stars of Dance guests this week, but that's okay, not everyone loved the Riverdancers I am sure.
Not surprisingly, Marissa was the one sent home - she is good and had a great attitude but the others are better dancers. Again, I may ruin it all right here but if I had to choose right now, I would pick Jason and the reason is a bad one - Edyta has been on this show from the beginning and she has never won. She should/could have with Joey but my karma was not in working order that time. Or something. Anyway, season six could be the time for Edyta. Of course Kristi is a woman and she is also really good and Melanie SHOULD have won last season but something happened...oh yeah, the banana took it. Whatevs. So, the planets may be aligning in her direction instead. But I would be okay with that too. As Tom says, "live TV, there's nothing like it." Have I mentioned he is the best host ever?
Next week is the end of the season. Finale and all. Whatever will I blog about after that?

This is me, okay with how it comes out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know, I know, I'm falling down on the reporting job. Last night was indeed the semi-finals for Dancing With The Stars and I did watch it, just not last night. I had dinner with a dear friend and it was good. I don't get to hang out with him nearly enough. So, my comments, slightly later than in recent months but still as cynical as ever regarding the ballroom competition:
Jason's little pep talk from Edyta was hilarious. His foxtrot was pretty and I almost thought Edyta was wearing clothes this week. Then she stepped and the slit to her waist appeared. Ah well. It was soft and pretty though, and I liked it.
Marissa's quickstep was good. I think I'm hung up on her being so much shorter than Tony because they always look a little awkward to me. And the comment about the lack of body comment may be an indication of that height difference.
I really want to love Christian and he does try hard. Some of his dances are awesome and some not so much? The waltz was not bad, good rotations. It is unfortunate that his free arm can't accentuate because of the brace. I think it would add greatly to his floor presence. 'Satellite,' that's why Cheryl's dress was silver lame...
Kristi's tango was VERY dramatic - I would have been scared to death to dance for the professional dance class. Far more than for 20 million viewers. I can see how Len would have thought it "hectic" but it really wasn't because they were controlled, fast movements the foot flicks and kicks. I don't like how they mix dance styles on this show anyway - Viennese waltz when it's not, basic tango when it's a little bit Argentine - whatever.
I love when Len goes to visit the couples to show some steps or for refinement. He's the only one who's an actual dancer - ballroom dancer - on the panel of judges. The other two are choreographers. They showed so much more of his actual dancing with the stars this time around. The bit with him and Jason is funny. He's a funny guy when he gets going, Len is. The whole "Bond, James Bond," take on it is cute. Kym could totally be a Bond girl too.
I know I rail on Edyta's clothes a lot but who dresses that woman? I think Jason did a much better job with this paso doble than his last one - though the Super Bowl theme was pretty cool - but that was totally a lift. Edyta always does that move and her feet always come off the floor. (But they didn't mark it! What is that all about?) Oy. Jason has a lot of fans in the audience.
It's sort of ironic how the "random" dances worked out. Christian gets the samba which is how he got hurt last time and Marissa gets the rumba which is one of the hardest dances (both her dances have been the 'hard' ones) - being so slow - but I think she's rocking it. The cucarachas are a great move to add. Nice bit with the fishnets and Tony's pants.
And riiiight...there! is where Christian let go of his nerves about remembering the choreography and began to enjoy the dance. Carrie-Ann was quite right about that characteristic of his. A little slow in parts I thought, not enough hip action when they were apart. But the judges see stuff I don't, I guess. And it was the demon to beat.
Kristi did a fantastic job with the jive the first time - but I'm not loving this one. The music is a different tone sure, but her knees don't seem as high and there was a lot of posing and pausing. It didn't seem as jiving as the one before.

This is me, what do I know?

Monday, May 12, 2008


You know you're the rookie cop when they give you a broom and send you out into freeway rush hour traffic to clean up after an accident. I passed the aftermath of an accident on my way to dinner with a friend tonight and there were several police officers huddled up - sharing report details or some such - and one poor guy sweeping up all the glass and metal shards within the flare boundaries. It must have been a big mess too because all lanes but one were closed and the traffic backed up behind did not look happy.
Made me glad I was going the other way.

This is me, posting from another tree house.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fife And Drum

I had a fancy intro all planned and then I read the first item and the intro went down there. This is a little creepy.
::Onesome: Fife-- Barney? ...a musical instrument? ...the number after 'four'? What came to mind when you saw this week's title?

  • How interesting when things in life coincide. In the book I am reading the characters are talking about drums and pipes AND I am on a committee to honor our veterans and currently serving military personnel come November with pipes and drums AND now look at the title of this week's meme. Coincidence? You decide...

::Twosome: and--do you recall a painting of a fife and drum set with a flag? No? Maybe one of our American History majors can link it in...

  • Pretty sure there are a lot of fifes and drums in paintings. With flags too. But "The Spirit of '76" might be the one intimated.

::Threesome: Drum--lines? Do you love them? ...or do you even know they exist? I'm wondering if this is an "Eastern" thing...

This is me, again regretting that I didn't have talent for a musical instrument, namely the drums.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How It All Began

A dear friend of mine is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend - which I am all for, she's a dear - and it got me to thinking about when Tarzan and I got engaged. It was long ago in Italy...well not really, but all good stories should start that way don't you think?
Really it was the summer between my fourth and fifth years of college. (I'm not SO slow, architecture is a five year degree at USC so I came out with a Bachelor of Architecture, rather than a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, which requires an additional two year master's degree, but whatevs.)
Tarzan and I had been dating for a while - and that, in and of itself, is a story because I was dating a mutual friend which is how Tarzan and I started hanging out and then the other dude graduated and Tarzan made me dinner and we wrote all that summer and figured out some stuff (I TOTALLY DID NOT DUMP HIM, Rocketgirl!) and then we were dating for real and then somehow talking about getting hitched - and so we had picked a ring we both liked and he said he would surprise me with it some time around my birthday or Christmas. This was very cool for me. I was finally seeing the end of a very long tunnel and was really anxious to be back in the light. Tarzan, bless him, had graduated in the spring and was working like a dog already, but he found the time to take me out to dinner the night before school started. It seemed like a long drive but the restaurant had been recommended by an aunt and uncle who are in the know, so we went. Up the coast and into the hills and then down a long, dark road that barely had room for our car, let alone an approaching car. If I had been inclined to panic and suspicion I would have thought he was taking me somewhere quiet to kill me. But I wasn't, and he wasn't and eventually we rounded a bend and beheld a cute little restaurant tucked off the road, far from civilization. It was charming though; they grow their own herbs and seasonings off the patio in the back. We saw a fox come out of the forest and sniff something while we were eating. Dinner was marvelous, the setting romantic, the service was great and it was August, so it was warm and sweet outside on the patio. I didn't remember this until later, but at some point Tarzan got up to use the facilities and that was the time he spoke to the waiter. We didn't order dessert, but after our plates were cleared he (the waiter) presented us with a flower petal strewn plate holding a small white box. I was getting suspicious but still I opened it unaware until Tarzan got down on one knee, in the aisle, in front of all the people on the patio to ask me to marry him. It was the ring we had chosen but it looked better than I remembered sparkling in the candlelight. Of course I said yes, no suspense there, we got so many smiles and congratulations from people who saw. Apparently, that restaurant is popular for proposals as I heard many "my husband asked me to marry him heres." When we got back to the car, the roses came out, one dozen, long stemmed beauties. I still have them, dried and hopefully preserved, in the box. He's quite the romantic, Tarzan is.

This is me, remembering the start of something wonderful.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not Helping

My version of hell would be having to make pie dough, all day, every day, over and over and over and over and over and over, FOREVER. I don't know why it's such an ordeal, there are only four ingredients and no fancy heating, cooling or time changes. Flour, salt, shortening and water. What's my problem? I was making tarts yesterday, three kinds because I am that kind of overachieving weirdo, and the dough just would not cooperate. One batch was all crumbly and wouldn't hold together no matter how much water I added, the second was tough and wouldn't cut well, too gooey, too flaky, too hard, it just went on and on. I talked to my mother because she can fix any sort of edible disaster. She has a science degree in food & nutrition AND clothing & textiles - where do I get my overachieving-ness I wonder? - and her consolation is that some people just do not have a talent for certain types of cuisine. She, for example, "just can't make" baked beans from scratch. Well thanks mom, but how is that a comfort from the same woman who not only CAN make pie, any pie including mincemeat, pecan, banana cream and chocolate torte but can also whip up my wedding dress in a weekend:
She also made both my sister's wedding dresses:Who really needs baked beans from scratch, I ask you?! But pie? Pie is a basic human requirement. Second only to air. Maybe. It was not a pretty afternoon.
Jane. Pie dough. Flaming swords. Iron bars. Eternal purgatory. It's all the same thing.

This is me, pie dough deficient.

Monday, May 05, 2008

That Time Already

Does anybody else feel like this season of Dancing With The Stars has gone by sort of fast? It seemed long until Adam Corolla went home but since then...and do I blog about anything besides the show? And memes? Especially with all the bad news and weird news and just news going on in the world, you'd think I'd have something more than how little Edyta wears? But here we are again on a Monday night and they're dancing and so, what to do?
Sam, Sam, Sam. "Shannon's padded butt was kicked out?!" Who let's that woman speak?
I really don't expect Mark to have an English accent, especially as he doesn't have one when he talks on the show, so when he chats in rehearsal and says things like "jolly good," or "have a go," it cracks me up. That's a good song for Kristi's quickstep. Do you know, the judges criticize the celebrities when they sing along but this is not the first time Mark has done it? What's to say about Kristi though, it gets old repeating fabulous and amazing every week. She's just so good. Do YOU think her skating experience gives her an advantage?
Mario dropping Karina in the pool was pretty funny. His waltz was good (NOT a Viennese Waltz). The lift was pretty and I also think it enhanced their dance. But he doesn't make me want to look at him. He's not bad at all. He certainly is good, but he's not great...I don't feel my eyes drawn to him and I know it's harder for the guys since they wear suits and stuff but really, I want more from him. OMG - that impression of Len was a little risky - especially as he hadn't given his score yet.
Great song for Marissa's foxtrot, but not a great dress for her. She and Tony were really synced to the music and I think it fit. Really good. Her hair is great too. Bruno really needs to rein it in a tad. HE is not Ethel Merman, that's for sure.
Whoa, these pre-stories are almost better than the dances. Spray tan, hahahahaha. And Edyta fits completely behind Jason. Nice. Good music tonight - this is a great tango. Was that more than one lift? Always pushing the envelope Edyta, always a little too to. And I think Jason was watching his feet a little. I know, I know, she's shorter than him so he would have to look down, but still. And if judges are going to nit-pick between Argentine tango and ballroom tango, then let's have a discussion about Viennese Waltz versus ballroom waltz shall we?
The one-handed, two-hearted machine that is Christian and Cheryl had the potential for a great tango. The judges are all over it for greatness but I felt it lacked a little oomph. Cheryl was all into it and it seemed like Christian had a little less energy than she. Her hair is certainly more dynamic cut short than longer. That lift was pretty awesome. I love Tom Bergeron, I really do. How good DID Cheryl look peering through her "feather-duster?"
I'm willing to bet Mark glows in the dark in that outfit. I really should be watching Kristi I know, but Mark is SO funny when he dances. The facial expressions, the singing, the facial expressions, the little kicks - did I mention the facial expressions? It's really hilarious. Her samba was okay, I get what Carrie-Ann is saying about it being slightly "off." It wasn't what I usually expect to see from her.
Mario's jive was good, I liked it. Karina's kicks were bigger and sharper, but he did do the back kicks and the waiting kicks so that's impressive. That lift looked like it hurt a little bit. Karina may have bruises tomorrow. I have never seen that particular lift done well though, it always looks like it hurts the recipient.
I love how when Marissa dances she looks only at Tony. Really intense eye-contact. Not in a bad way, but such that's he's the only guy she's aware of. It provides a great connection and I like it. But I agree with Len about it being a dainty mambo. Not quite enough shimmying.
I take it all back about the music for the Latin round. Jason and Edyta's song stinks for the samba. He is not a Latin guy. He does the smooth dances much better. And the lift was a bit much for the slowness of the song. I give it an 'eh.'
And last up for the evening is Christian and Cheryl - well THEY got good music at least. That was a pretty good mambo. Not sure I get the shiny duct tape brace thing but whatever, his shiny chest was good to look at. And Cheryl is plenty shiny too in all that gold lame. I can totally see Christian dancing the mambo at a party in the backyard. He was in the dance. The judges certainly seem all over it. And that puts Kristi down the leader board and Christian at the top for the first time ever, after Tom just mentioned it...I wonder if this is a setup?

This is me, confused a little at what the producers are thinking.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Drugged Up

For a person who does not normally take medication, save the insulin stuff that keeps me alive, I am taking a lot of drugs these days. The usual insulin, of course, the Cortisone for my thumb - and it seems to be 10000% better in only a week, though the doctor said it would take two to start working - which is not really TAKING a medication, I know, but still it's in there messing with stuff, ibuprofen for the middle finger on my right hand - have I not mentioned that I might have a trigger finger on that hand too? And not from what you are all thinking, so stop it - and if that wasn't enough I have started two new ones for the UTI I seemed to have developed. I have never had a UTI before in my life. I only know what it seemed like when I went to the doctor because someone I know has a lot of them and she told me how she can tell when it's coming on. Fortunately that is what it was and was easy to treat. But still. Really?

This is me, not feeling so great, despite all the drugs.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Magic Month Of May

I'm having another crisis about time passing. I thought it was bad enough to be in April...gah. I have GOT to get something finished.
::Onesome: The magic-- of Spring? Has it started yet where you are? ...or if you're 'down under', how is Autumn progressing?

  • Spring is most definitely here. In The Jungle we herald the start of spring by having a series of fantastically hot days followed by a series of very cool days followed by more hot days...and thus it goes. The wildflowers are out in force which is awesome.
::Twosome: month of-- transition? Are you looking to be out of school? have the kids out of school? No? Heh. How about just thinking about where you want to go this Summer? ...maybe within walking distance, -no?
  • Ahhh, so glad to not have to worry about school being in or out, jobs being in or out, or whatever. Everyday is vacation day for me and I love that. Not because I am a lazy slob - though I am - but because I can do what I need to do and what I want to do, rather than what I have to do.
::Threesome: May-- I ask you if you know which song the title for today's piece was taken from? I'm thinking Laanba has a chance at it, but any fan of Dumbledore's original actor might know it...
  • There's a song in Camelot about May but I'm pretty sure it's not "magic" month - merry maybe? Lusty?
This is me, back to as normal as it gets.

From Whence You Cometh