Friday, July 25, 2014

We're In Week 23

My observations on pregnancy so far:
Whatever traits, habits and nuances one possessed previous to becoming pregnant, they get worse become more pronounced after one is with child.
If one eats a lot of junk food, then they eat more while pregnant.
If they exercise regularly, they do it more while expecting.
I have always been a clumsy person, dropping items, cutting myself, losing things and punching myself in the face.
Now it is even more evident. I drop the same thing three and four times before I can keep a hold of it.
I eat well, which is good; hopefully it means Cheeta will be healthy and not too big for a calm, uneventful, timely delivery.
But I am a lot more sleepy in the morning, a lot more hot when it's warm outside, and a lot more irritable when things don't go my way.
And I spill AN AWFUL LOT.
All the time.
On everything.
It's sort of embarrassing.

This is me and I can't keep a shirt clean.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Never, with Tarzan being bishop and me being exhausted before the sun goes down, have I been more thankful for Monday nights.
Yay for Family Home Evening!
Every single night these past few weeks has had some major event for one or both of us; Youth Conference, Faith In God activities, leadership meetings, visits to inactive members, Stake meetings, Baseball Night, Tarzan's summer job(s) and of course this ridiculous project I am part of; it just goes on and on.
Of course, it being Monday night does not stop people from calling for Tarzan, but the expectation is less and none of the major groups schedule meetings or whatever.
We can at least pretend it will be a calmer evening.
Plus, when Cheeta shows up and we make more of an effort at lessons and things, we'll leave our phones in the other room so we can't hear them calling.

This is me, glad for a moment of relative peace.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well This Is New

Tarzan and I got in the car the other night to go to a meeting and I noticed I had only one ankle.
The other could only be called what kids these days refer to as a 'cankle:'

(I apologize for the image quality, it was a few hours later and the flash was acting weird. I also apologize for my weird suntan.)
After quickly dismissing all the usual suspects - no pain, I hadn't been sitting on it, no kneeling or anything that would put pressure on the veins, I wasn't retaining water, only one leg - I called up BHB, my authority on all things pregnancy to ask what she knew. She didn't know why it was happening to only one leg - we discussed several options, but it was a mystery.
It did go away after sleeping so it's not permanent.
It wasn't until yesterday that I figured out what was causing the swelling.
Apparently, when I sit at the computer for a while - longer than an hour - my right ankle swells up. The left one does not because it rests on a footstool/chair/tucked under me or anything else nearby. I can't do the same thing with the right leg because it would throw my balance off with the mouse hand and drafting needs the mouse hand pretty bad.
I have improvised an elevated platform for my right leg in recent hours and the swelling isn't as bad today but it's not gone.

This is me and I knew architecture was trying to kill me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lacking One Thing Only

I love Asian food.
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai - especially Thai food.
I don't know if it's the use of cucumbers, the peanut sauce, the ginger, the cilantro...
Whatever it is that makes Asian food Asian, it's awesome and I love it.
But there is one thing missing.
There is no Asian cheese.
I know, milk animals need more grain, more space, more care, et cetera. And I certainly can't find a place where cheese would improve the food. I just think all things I love should go together and there is room for ice cream in Asian food so we're almost there.
If we could squeeze in a place for cheese, I would be all good.

This is me without a place for cheese.

Monday, July 14, 2014

I Got Nothing

I'm really trying to get back in the swing of things, blogging wise.
I feel like I should have a lot to tell you. But after the big announcement and the follow up to questions we're just waiting for the next four months. The doctors don't have much to tell me other than, "keep going, you're doing great."
And this project of Buster's is insane. Seriously insane. I take back all the whining I ever did while working in a legitimate office because this is way worse and makes a lot less sense. And it is SO time consuming.
(I know, many of you have it much worse and I feel for you. We should all have bosses who are logical and efficient. And also pay on time.)
But it leaves me little time to post and little to say.
Other than the weather, which has been lovely so far this summer (knock on wood). Of course, I can't tell if it's actually nice weather or just nice weather for me. (I was cold all the time early on in this pregnancy and that never happens to me.)
But the breeze is blowing and Tarzan keeps saying he loves it, so I will take a risk and tell you the weather is good.

This is me and I apologize for being reduced to talking about the weather.

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