Sunday, October 07, 2012

General Conference 2012

Ah, General Conference, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...
I can get up at 8:30am and have time to get dressed, eat my breakfast and brush my hair instead of my usual Sunday alarm time of 5:30am, wherein I hit the snooze for 30 minutes, shower, dress and run out the door, sometimes with my hair brushed and sometimes not, sometimes with breakfast and sometimes not, to make my early morning meetings.
I don't have to sing a solo because no one else in sacament meeting sings loud enough to be heard. I get to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir instead.
No one runs screaming through the room, leaves early, whines, or snipes at their neighbor. Just me and Tarzan, quiet and peaceful.
I don't have to prepare and teach the lesson. I get to hear straight from the Prophet and Apostles. It's like they're in my living room just to speak to me. And I can rewind if necessary and hear a really good part again.

This is me and isn't modern technology wonderful?


Cathie said...

Oh, it was great! But after sobbing through three sessions of conference, I announced during lunch today that if there was ONE MORE story about dead babies, I was turning off the TV. I...I just couldn't take it.

Elizabeth said...

It was wonderful! Loved it! And I am rather glad to get back into the blogging habit!! :) I am catching up on your will be a bit slow, unfortunately. My life is pretty much exactly the same.

Master P said...

Pajama church!! Vacation, twice a year.

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