Sunday, October 14, 2012

No Promises

One other thing that bothers me about Fall; the volatility of the temperature.
65 degrees in the morning and I decide it's a good day to have pie for dinner.
By the time church is over, it's 92 degrees outside and the concept of turning on the stove makes me ill.
But I made the mistake of suggesting the pie idea to ATL and Tarzan and they are both high on the imagining. (We haven't made pie since it was cool enough to turn the stove on last April.)
So what am I to do about that?

This is me; we had pie and I had heat exhaustion. Good times.


Phat Fiddle said...

Yummy pie-zes, me wants a tastes toos!

Anonymous said...

Great Chuckles :))
thanx a bunch!!

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