Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fight On All Night Long

Let's hear it for "The Greatest Marching Band In The History Of The Universe." I love that I went to a school who's marching band gets to be on TV and cut CDs with famous groups like Fleetwood Mac. They are the only collegiate band to have TWO PLATINUM ALBUMS. That's right baby. TWO. PLATINUM. ALBUMS. Did I ever tell you that Tarzan used to play with them? I have my own little rock star.
Some other people also appeared on Dancing With The Stars tonight and these are the highlights as far as my opinion matters:
Sam was all over the Elvira look. And it looks like she's wearing a horse collar around her neck.
Mya doing the encore dance was understandable.
I love how Tom always has a smirk when Sam says "in no particular order."
The people who plan out the order of the elimination are not fooling anyone with their antics. We know they arrange it so those "in jeopardy" come nearer the end and save the big surprises for the last group. If they didn't who would watch all the way to the end?
The Stomp The Yard crew was crazy, I want to know why Joss Stone sings like a black chick and the group samba roll was hilarious.
I can't say I was surprised that Kathy Ireland got sent home. I was a little irked that Debi was in the bottom two. Whatever. I'll have to vote more for her next week.

This is me, reporting for only eleven more weeks give or take. Get it while it's hot.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Night Dancing

It is time again for my weekly comments about the Dancing With The Stars situation. With two eliminations last week and only one night to dance in I am curious to see how they manage fourteen couples in a single night.
Joanna and Derek's jive was certainly fun for Derek. Joanna seemed uncertain. I think she messed up some steps and she wasn't as devoted to the dance as her partner was.
Natalie and Alec's quickstep made me watch their steps and I forgot to look at her face to see if she was breathing. But I guess she must have been since one, she didn't pass out, and two, it looked really good. I wasn't a huge fan of her dress though.
Chuck and Anna's tango was supposed to look scary and he sure had the face down. I also think his feet were good, but his posture kind of stinks. What is up with Bruno endorsing a competitor?
And did they give Baz Luhrmann only the one paddle? He's voting seven for everyone.
Melissa and Mark's jive was cute. She sold it better than last week - the nerves were not as apparent - but her feet were not all that.
Michael and AnnaD's quickstep started slow and ended quick so I suppose that averages out? I thought he was a little hesitant at the start but he settled into it mostly.
Come to notice it though, there seems to be a plethora of 6s and 7s and not a lot of anything else tonight.
Debi and Maksim's tango was not bad...the mood was there, no question. Debi missed a head thing in the corner but it seemed like Maks was moving faster than she was. Minor I suppose. She and Maks are awesome opposite each other personality wise.
Louie and Chelsie's jive really surprised me. He is turning out to be a lot better dancer than I expected. His feet were good and I think he just has to work on the posture and the mood of each dance. Confidence in his ability to dance is what he needs.
Aaron and Karina's quickstep was interesting. Why would anyone pick the Muppet theme song to choreograph to? The suit was mighty green, the dance was fast, Karina's dress was weird, and it was fun to see the Muppets but as a whole thing it was a little odd to me. A 27 I did feel.
Kelly and Louis' tango probably was not up to last week's surprise, but they had a great song and she worked it. It was a hard dance and she missed a few steps but I am a fan even so.
Kathy and Tony's quickstep was competent and I know what they were doing but it always bugs me when their costumes don't match.
Mark and Lacey's quickstep was amusing - maybe because it still freaks me out that he has facial expressions and talks - I didn't like her dress, I DID love the song and it was okay.
Mya and Dimitry's jive was bang on in the timing and musically appropriate. Sharp and fast enough. I think I might have to pull a Len and say the beginning took too long to get into the dance for me. The nerd glasses really change Dimitry's appearance.
Tom and Cheryl's tango was really great up until he almost dropped her on her head. I loved the green, and the mood was right, the feet were right, and then he missed the ending and almost killed Cheryl but still, good.
Donny and Kym's jive was very entertaining and fun and fast but he's the entertainer. He hides any faults in the showmanship. He knows how to carry on. And it's great to watch.

This is me, excited because the USC Marching Band is coming to the show tomorrow.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Party For GOM

This weekend was the funeral for GOM and I have to say it was likely the best time I have ever had with Tarzan's mother's people. Not that they aren't great and they're always nice to me and we get along. But this time it wasn't that I was going to hang out with Tarzan's family. I was going to hang out with family.
The service on Saturday was lovely. PhatFiddle played a lovely violin solo - check it out on Rocketgirl's page - and despite having given birth a mere two weeks previous, B2 did a gorgeous job with her hymn. The food was great, the family was awesome, what else could a person want? Oh, and lovely weather too.
Interestingly it was probably the happiest funeral ever. GOM was ready to leave this mortal realm months ago and I think there was a great sense of relief for him - relieved of the pain and aggravation that he had been stuck with for the last few years - from the rest of us. The stories shared were upbeat and positive and I certainly felt that he was happier than he had been for a long time. GOM's back with his wife, and able to do again all that the frail body hasn't let him do for a while.
It was decidedly good.
That was Saturday.
Sunday we all trooped out to B2 and B3's house to see the baby, eat and hang and say good bye before those who are not lucky enough to live here in The Jungle all had to fly home again. Once the last one was on their plane Tarzan and I came home and passed out for three hours.
You know it's been a good party when that happens.

This is me, and we said "catch ya later GOM" this weekend.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Love Note

Is it creepy to think this is romantic?

Hopefully the finding won't be too hard. I
intend for us to be buried together.

Love you, Tarzan.

This is me, and I do.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I suppose this might not be as funny as I find it:

But I have a lot of fun imagining what the minivan driver is thinking. "Hmm, there's a train coming...um, so's the 18 wheeler...dude, you might want to stop. Oh crap, I'd better back up a little bit here. Dude...dude, um, the train?! Dude!!!!"

This is me, wondering, who doesn't notice their trailer just got taken out by a TRAIN?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Loser's Club

The results show...um, results:
Kelly's waltz really was the one to encore and it was still lovely the second time around.
Adam Carolla gave the funniest 'pep talk' ever to all the male contestants.
Still highly amusing how bitter Kenny Mayne is over his first round elimination. Seven seasons ago. That's nearly FOUR YEARS, dude. And now he's getting other one-dance-and-you're-out stars from previous seasons to join his "Loser's Club." One has to admire his chutzpah.
I was totally expecting Tom Delay to be the first guy to go - being old-er, not a great dancer and also belonging to the political party that he does and considering the viewer demographic and all - but it wasn't. It was George Hamilton's son, Ashley. I feel bad for Edyta, again, because she has been the most faithful professional and has never won, never even come in second place.
It was a choice between the two worst dancers of the female stars so it was no surprise that Macy Gray went home, though I thought it was touching that Debi Mazar said "I feel so bad for her" as the credits were rolling. That's kind of sweet right?

This is me, voting and hoping they don't send home my favorites.

Tarzan's Fourth Post

I read a very interesting article on MSN Health that piqued my interest.

1=31036">The Vanishing Youth Nutrient
By Susan Allport

Basically the author went into detail about Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. She gives a nice whole picture to where these acids come from complete with historical background which I always enjoy. While everyone seems to think of fish when Omega fatty acids are brought up, they really come from plants, algae, which fish feed on. There is also a time element I was unaware of. Omega are spring fats which help speed up metabolism and get animals ready for the traditional activities of spring, namely making babies. In the fall Omega 6 gets made which slows the metabolism and gets us ready for long sleepy winters.
It seems we're becoming deficient in healthy Omega 3 fatty acid becaused our industrialized food system finds it cheaper to use Omega 6 producing soy and corn. I never really imagined seasons having that much effect on nutrition. Also it once again underscores the importance of following the Word of Wisdom. Not only are we supposed to value plants over meat but also be aware of their seasonality as well.
DC 89:11 Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof; all these to be used with prudence and thanksgiving.

This is me grateful for divine wisdom.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DWTS: Season 9 - Part Two

I was so excited by the professional men dancing last night that I totally forgot to notice Julianne Hough isn't dancing at all this season!! As in, she does not have a partner and will not be seen on the show except maybe as a guest dancer. ((Too busy with the singing, Juicy Fruit career I suppose.) I will upset about 25 million people when I say this but SWEET! I won't miss her.)
'Kay, that's out of my system, I feel better.
Let's discuss the famous females of season 9.
Debi Mazar - did not know what her name was, but I have loved her in every thing I have ever seen her in. She's one of those character persons that you see and go, oh it's her! and I think she and Maksim will get along fabulously. She's got great legs and their salsa was really cute. Her arms were weak but she sold it all over the floor.
Melissa Joan Hart did a lovely waltz - I have looked up the definition of Viennese Waltz and they have never done one on this show EVER - but I think she was nervous and missed a step or two.
Mya - that's all, just Mya - does have the musicality and her arms were fabulous. The waltz was fast and lovely but some more content would have been appreciated. (Tom handled that judge cat fight rather well I thought. He's a fabulous host.)
Kathy Ireland is taller than Tony and I think that helped in making their salsa a little weird. Also she was stiff and could Tony's pants have been any bigger?
Natalie Coughlin's skirt did a bit to hide the fact that she wasn't moving her hips, and she wasn't bending her knees which is important in the salsa, but her legs and arms have great extension.
Macy Gray needs some more control in her movements. She did all the steps of the waltz correctly but it didn't look right. Her arms flapped and her turns were weird but the feet were in the right places.
Joanna Krupa had a great upper body - her arms were excellent - and her bright yellow very fringe-y pants hid a myriad of sins in her lower body. She tripped during a spin and missed a few steps but the judges were right about Derek's choreography being awesome.
Kelly Osbourne had probably the best 'first meeting' video ever. Ozzy man, that was hilarious. And Louis van Amstel is her partner!!! So awesome. Louis does the best choreography of all. And it was a lovely waltz, it really was. I don't know if there was anything wrong with it other than nerves.
And now for the relays of the night. In the foxtrot, the blue was the most gorgeous color. Natalie did okay - not great, not poor - okay. Kathy did much better in the smooth than the Latin. Joanna's was cute but I really want to give it to Debi. I really liked it and didn't wince once.
The cha-cha group was really good too. (I only winced once.) Macy sold it, but the rhythm wasn't there and rhythm is quite important for the cha-cha. All of the hip work seemed to help Melissa but she looked like she hadn't expected the dance to be so fast. Maya was good, really good but Kelly keeps surprising me. Her dance was smart and cute and sharp and I liked it.

This is me, loving this season thus far.

Monday, September 21, 2009

DWTS: Season 9

If you can believe it, the studio executives decided that another, LARGER, more retarded season was in order for the only reality TV show I will watch. So tonight kicks off Season 9 of Dancing With The Stars that has no less than sixteen - 16! - couples dancing. I know, it's a much more popular show now and more B, C and D-list stars want to be on it but I would like to see it scaled down a tad - just a scootch - to a more manageable number. Like say, only ten couples. This 'opening night' actually takes three nights of TV because it's that insane.
In no particular order, here are my first night impressions of the men of Season 9.
But before we go there, can I just say that the hottest men on television are the professional dancers on this show? I am SO very excited that Louis van Amstel is back to dance with a partner and Alec Mazo is as gorgeous as ever. And Maksim Chmerkovskiy is still hot. That opening number made me quiver all over.
Now to the 'stars.'
Aaron Carter has a lot of attitude. It's understandable because he was famous so young, and he is still young but his cha-cha looked good on the floor. His hips weren't moving as much as they should have, and his free arm needs control but he doesn't suck right now.
Chuck Liddell is definitely a fighter not a dancer yet. The foxtrot is a smooth, classy dance and he was rough with it. The judges all try to be positive on the first night so...we'll see.
Mark Dacascos just cracks me up. I am so used to seeing him on Iron Chef it's weird that he's a person outside of that. And he talks! Which is weird! I am kind of annoyed that he has to dance with Lacey though because I don't like her. His cha-cha was not bad, he needs to work on his upper body - spaghetti arms all OVER the place - and lacked some control in other places but the hips were good and there's room to improve.
Ashley Hamilton needs to learn to heel lead. His upper body was stiff, which is good in the foxtrot, but his feet were not my favorite part. Actually my favorite part is his partner, Edyta. Her dress was gorgeous.
Donny Osmond is a performer already, we knew that. He wasn't bad and the audience is, of course, going to love him. His posture fell apart, especially near the end, and there was some bobbing of the head but he's not stinky. I may like him better than Marie.
Louie Veto sure dresses like a snowboarder in the practice room. Aaaand he needs a haircut. The man is small and his hair makes it look like he has no neck. Especially with the collar on this suit for the foxtrot . But he tried really hard and that's something.
Michael Irvin wants to win, that's obvious, and he wasn't bad. There *was* something off somewhere in that cha-cha though. Maybe the timing? Maybe he missed a step somewhere? Whoever writes what passes for content in this show, you know they are going to play up the rivalry with Jerry Rice all over this competition.
Tom Delay is not someone I ever expected to see on this show. Politicians and dancing is just not a duo I think of. That cha-cha was possibly the kindest, calmest, "wild thing" performance I have ever seen. I have to go with Carrie-Ann. That was surreal. But if Cheryl was going to make the three-pete, her chance is not this season.
Next up is a group dance already? Weird, but oddly helpful I think.
The salsa group was better than I had expected them to be. Ashley was slow and lacking in the hip department but Chuck was much improved from his foxtrot. Donny was a bit slow but his feet were right. Louie less uncomfortable than previously, but his feet did not move much. But then, it being a song sharing thing, no one had a lot of time to show anything.
And that explains how they are going to get eight more scores in with only 20 minutes left.
Then there was the waltz group (we are not calling it a Viennese Waltz, no matter what the show insists on saying) Aaron was amusing, smooth and strong but there was no doubt where his spot was. Mark - I really want to call him The Chairman - was not as strong as I wanted him to be and they messed up some footwork. Tom was what the dance required, which was smooth and charming and elegant, so that was good. Michael was good too, not too eager and it came out well. Nice night. I will be back tomorrow to give you my two cents about the women.

This is me, not lacking for material this fall.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

And It Was So

The worlds of semester scheduled schools and quarter scheduled schools are so different that while I would have been knee deep in my first project getting ready for a review, ATL is between sessions and itching for a little fun. Fun being relative of course. My idea of fun is a football game, or a read in a hammock with a nice cool drink in my hand. ATL's version involves digging all the crap out of my shed and rearranging it. Weirdo.
But that's what we've been doing that last few days, cleaning out my house. Well parts of it at least. And it's not like it wasn't needed. I show you this:
And this behind the door disaster that's waiting to happen:
Only because I have this:
This above the door:
And this behind the door photo ready:
To demonstrate that some great work was indeed accomplished here. There's more inside the house, the kitchen mainly, but as we missed garbage day this week I haven't got all the trash and recycling out of the kitchen yet, so it looks better, but not up to it's future glory. Stay tuned, I will post those before and after shots later. If I can stand to see the before picture again.

This is me, grimy but thankful someone kicked my butt in gear to get all the junk out.

Friday, September 18, 2009

End Of An Era

We all knew it was coming - the man was 92 and really sick - but still I was startled when we received the news that GOM had passed away last night. My first thought was for Gamma and her siblings. This is their dad of course, while he's just my grandfather-in-law. I never saw him in his prime, all authoritative, imposing, fast enough to run after the little brats who broke his window with the baseball. I never knew him like that.
But Tarzan did.
I never knew him as a father who went to Courts of Honor, helped with the math homework, paid for weddings or beat up the boyfriends that broke his daughter's heart.
But Gamma did.
From my point of view, it's a relief that the pain and the stress and the weariness is over; he's with his wife, he can walk again, learn or teach, depending, catch up with his family, and be as well as he lamented the loss of when we were down there staying with him.
But for them, it's the end of an era. The house that has been the center of so many activities and events will likely be sold. Another gathering place, with enough bedrooms for all seven kids, their spouses, their kids and their kids' kids will have to be found. But it won't be the same. They'll need a new head, a new patriarch.
At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, it's a paradigm shift.
And for them I am feeling the loss.

This is me, hoping I can be of some help to someone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Car Care

Did you know that you can take the battery out of your car, put in a different battery, hook it up, turn on the car AND THEN TAKE THE BATTERY OUT and the car will keep running? The original battery can then be put back in and twenty +/- minutes later it will be all charged again.
Who knew?
Apparently a lot of people, but it was news to me and it nearly blew my mind this morning. Tarzan had already left for work and I was running late for the food bank - naturally - and my car would not start.
As luck would have it the neighbor who saved us a large sum of money earlier this summer was passing by, inquired as to the nature of my difficulty and fixed it faster than it would have taken to call AAA, let alone wait for them to come and charge the battery. Voila. And they say we don't know our neighbors these days.
P.S. It's not that I didn't know the car only needs the battery to turn the car on, but I figured a car might be like my food processor which won't work unless all the pieces are connected and locked in the right position.

This is me, learning car stuff today.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It must be the result of yesterday being such a great day because today totally sucked. We all have days when stuff goes wrong but today was one of my worst.
It started off with a rather large bank snafu, which will be fixed eventually but it was highly irritating.
Then the cat threw up on the clean bedspread.
I went out for groceries and had to visit five stores to find all the things I needed - man, does the South Central Jungle need a decent market.
When I came home I found a different cat had thrown up on the bed. That's a lot of sheets to wash in one day and WHAT is it about my bed that makes such an attractive vomit platform?
I forgot to run an errand for Tarzan - it turns out it wasn't as urgent as originally thought but I didn't know that when I forgot to do it.
While taking the sheets out of the dryer a fold caught on Tarzan's bike and not only did I drop the clean sheets on the dirty shed floor but I got a lovely scratch down my arm for my troubles.
While making dinner everything that could splash or fall or slip did. I had hot water, olive oil, chicken, Pad Thai sauce, dish soap, and watermelon on my person before I was done.
The strainer fell over and I lost a third of the noodles down the sink.
Two pieces of watermelon slipped off the cutting board onto my feet and splatted across the floor.
The lime I was squeezing over the dish slipped and I gouged out a piece of my index finger with my thumb nail.
I am hoping that the end of it but there's still a few hours to go.

This is me, wanting to start the day over.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good To Be Alive

Today is one of those days in The Jungle that make you wonder why people bother to live anywhere else. A little more than a week ago it was too hot to function but yesterday and today have been glorious. Clear, warm but not hot, breezy, just perfect.
Like Hawaii without the humidity.
And back to back with the win from last night - hard though it was to watch (18-15) it was totally worth it - the weather, a long lazy afternoon with Tarzan...this has been a pretty awesome weekend.

This is me, lovin' it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Never Quite As Easy As You Hope

As Bert once said in one of my favorite Sesame Street stories as a kid, "Ernie, with your one more thing and one more thing, there's no room for me in the bathtub!"
I'm feeling a little squished in the bathtub of plumbing. Our dishwasher came on Wednesday, as promised, and it didn't seem too terribly hard to hook up. We had all the parts and we saw where all the parts belonged as we had unhooked the old one for the nice people to take away. There was a slight learning curve and a greater appreciation for plumbers developed when we saw the contortions necessary to reach under the sink, behind the garbage disposal and still screw two things together with about a three inch gap to work in. And we didn't get the drain line secured quite tight enough the first time - we were scared of deforming the hose - and under the sink got very damp when we tested the set up. But we managed to figure out how tight is tight enough and when the test load of dishes came out squeaky clean for the first time in months it all seemed very much worth it.
Then I noticed a rather large puddle in the side yard yesterday.
And it didn't get smaller. Even in the bright constant sun on that side.
In fact it seemed to be getting bigger. Slowly, but bigger.
We found where the water was exiting the house - which is good - but we aren't sure why it's dripping - which is bad. Any thought? Did we damage the supply hose on the outside somehow? I really hope not. I want it to be a washer somewhere but I a pretty sure it isn't that easy.
The plumber is on his way.

This is me, afraid that it might have been cheaper to let the official guys hook it up to begin with.
**Note: Apparently we are just stupid and didn't tighten the "L" joint enough so the dishwasher leaked out and back and down the wall and the baseboards and out the side of the house. Was the floor more level it would have come out the front and we might have figured it out ourselves.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Just In The Nick Of Time

Thank goodness for the Internets. On the days when you just can't think of anything to write, yay for the peeps who think up the memes.
What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now?
We have a few. There's my body wash - Suave Cucumber Melon - Tarzan's body wash - Lever 2000 - plus the bar soap - also Lever 2000 - and some Australian stuff we got as a present once.
Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator?

We do and we love it and I would have more if there were room. Those puppies take up space.
What would you change about your living room?
The size of it. The floor covering - we don't like carpet - and I think I'd paint it a darker yellow next time. Maybe with red stripes below the chair rail...
Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty?
Actually we just got a new dishwasher today - yay! - so it doesn't have any dishes in it at all. Can't wait for Tarzan to come home so's we can hook it up and put some dirty dishes in it.
What’s in your fridge?

A lot LOT of condiments, pickles, butter, some grapes, cheese, I think we established the watermelon content in a previous question, bread, water, jam, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion and a few things I probably forgot and will need to be cleaned out soon.
White or wheat bread?

Homemade so 1/2 and 1/2
What is on top of your refrigerator?

All the Tupperware I can't fit into a drawer.
What color or design is on your shower curtain?

We don't have a shower curtain. It's one of those metal slider thingys.
How many plants in your home?

One. I am contemplating moving it outside as it is outgrowing it's pot but it's done better than any plant I have ever had so I am hesitant to disturb it too much.
Is your bed made right now?

Yes, yes it is.
Comet or Soft Scrub?

Arm & Hammer Foaming Spray. That stuff does what all the commercials promise their stuff will do.
Can you describe your flashlight?

My personal flashlight? I don't really put my name on one particular item. I do like the shake it and use one though. No batteries required.
Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home?

Glass. We started out with a lots of plastic but over the years they melted in the dishwasher or got cracked and we grew into the glass one.
Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now?
No. We never drink the stuff.
If you have a garage, is it cluttered?

We do not have a garage so it isn't cluttered but the shed in the back that houses the washer and dryer sure is.
Curtains or blinds?

Blinds, but I think in my next house I will have curtains.
How many pillows do you sleep with?
There are six on the bed but I get four if not five since Tarzan likes to sleep flat, like he's dead, and I curl up in my nest of pillows.
Do you sleep with any lights on at night?

Goodness no, there are more than enough neighbors, and streetlights and LED lights around that we don't need to pay for more.
How often do you vacuum?
I plead the 5th on the grounds that the answer might incriminate me.
Standard toothbrush or electric?

Standard. I've thought about getting an electric one but then what do we do when we go camping?
What color is your toothbrush?

I have two since I tend to forget them places. One is pink and one is blue. Tarzan always gets the green one.
Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch?

On the front porch, the side door and under the cat's food bowls.
What is in your oven right now?
Nothing. But I made granola bars today. They didn't come out like my mother's do.
Is there anything under your bed?

A lot of dust bunnies and cat fur. Also probably some socks that my short arms can't reach.
Chore you hate doing the most?

That is a tough one. Probably cleaning the bathroom.
What retro items are in your home?

What's retro? All that is was old is new again.
Do you have a separate room that you use as an office?

No, but in our next house I want to.
How many mirrors are in your home?

The closet door, the dresser and both bathrooms. So four.
Do you have any hidden emergency money in your home?

Sure. We'd be hard pressed to find it in an emergency though. I don't know where it went.
What color are your walls?

Living room is yellow, bedroom is green, most of the other rooms are blue.
Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home?
Um, the broom, and there might be a crowbar in the shed out back.
What does your home smell like right now?
Raisins and cinnamon.
Favorite candle scent?

Vanilla I think. We don't light a lot and when we do, that last thing I am thinking about is sniffing them.
What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now?

Homemade dills, homemade bread & butter, hamburger slices and some pickled garlic.
What color is your favorite Bible?

Like between the feminist one and the Gideon? Most of the ones in our house are black, except Tarzan's scriptures are green.
Ever been on your roof?

No, but Tarzan has and a neighbor has to get one of the cats down.
Do you own a stereo?

We have a device that plays music. Would it qualify as a stereo is up for debate.
How many TV’s do you have?

One. But it's awesome.
How many house phones?

One. It's a cordless so that makes it easy. We're only 600 square feet remember.
Do you have a housekeeper?

Sure we do. Me.
What style do you decorate in?

The Classic How-Much-Can-We-Cram-Into-One-Little-House Style.
Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints?

Solid. There's enough stuff to look at around it.
Is there a smoke detector in your home?

One in each bedroom and one in the hall, as per the building code.
What are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip?
Other than Tarzan and the cats who I assume could make it out on their own in the event of an emergency, I would want my journals and my portable hard drive.

This is me, with a meme to keep you entertained until I think of more real life stuff.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What Type Are You?

Watched this made-for-TV movie tonight and one question asked of a potential Harvard candidate was; if you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?
The kid had no idea, stammered something vague and unintelligible. Basically he choked. But if it were me - I never had an interview for college and it's likely I would have flubbed the real easy one like; why do you want to go to this school? - but if I were asked the shoe question I would totally have an answer.
Red, black and white, striated pattern, alligator, peep toe, 2-1/2 inch heel.

This is me, and what kind of shoe would you be?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

So It Begins

And it's awesome.
I love the fall. It's kind of hard to remember that it IS fall here in The Jungle, it being 95 degrees and all, but it doesn't change the fact that I love the season. September always makes me feel nostalgic. Maybe because my birthday is in the fall, maybe because the fall leads to holidays, maybe because the College FOOTBALL SEASON starts. I know, some of you don't have the fever yet and that's okay. I was a latecomer myself. But once you find religion, there's no going back.
The season started for my team today and there was the obligatory blurb on which staff and players had graduated and which were back and who was on the starting lineup. Our quarterback is a true freshman, which is unusual, but he didn't stink and with time is likely to get a lot better. The defensive line is just amazing - new or returning - and I think that's partly why we're ranked so high to begin the season. (#4) Hopefully we can keep it up.
The blurb had quotes from a lot of the players and staff but I liked what the coach said - it's not new - and his attitude about playing our best no matter who the other team is and forgetting our rank and what the end of the season may or may not bring. Just play the game. Play well, play hard and do your best. In a really cliche line "leave it all on the field." A lot of coaches and players say that but I think he really meant it. It seems to be how he leads the team and I think that's why our coach is Coach of the Decade.

This is me, with a win. 56-3.

Friday, September 04, 2009

One More Thing

I can now check this item off my life to-do list:
Be sneezed on by a horse.

This is me, thanks a lot Ginger.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

In Absentia

You are the sweetest people in the Internets, you really are, asking where I've been the last few days, missing me, wondering if I died or something. I feel all specials and fuzzy and things like that there.
As it turns out, Tarzan and I have been out in The Desert with my parents to can up some pickles. My mom has the best recipes for pickles anywhere - sorry to all the moms who read this - and Tarzan has been dying to get an expedition together to make pickles. A lot of pickles. Enough pickles for him to eat whenever he wants the whole year long. (I don't think you know how many pickles that could be.)
So Monday morning we met up with the wholesale produce guy I know from working at the food bank on Thursdays, picked up a lot of cucumbers, beets and onions and trekked it all out to my parents' house. My mom has all the jars and the canner and what all already. We have been washing, cutting, mixing, pouring and sealing all week. Well my mother, sister and I have been. Tarzan took my brothers, some boys from church and they were involved in this instead:
Still I think we managed to make enough. Hard to believe this:
Became this:
And this:
It's gonna be yummy come Thanksgiving time.

This is me, out in The Desert making pickles.

From Whence You Cometh