Saturday, October 13, 2012


This will no doubt reveal our living location - if you didn't already know where the Jungle actually is - but Tarzan thinks it's worth it:
The space shuttle Endeavour travelled through town today on it's way to the museum up the street and we went to view the maneuver:
I was interested but no one I saw today had the attitude of Tarzan. He was like a kid, he was so excited:
He lectured on the street corner, a la Aristotle, as we were waiting for the shuttle to trundle on down. (This thing was not fast, in any sense of the word.) Tarzan talked about the thrusters versus the engines, the tiles, the nose, the advent of the name, the size, the weight, the journeys, the history, and to anyone who would listen. There were a lot of people to hear him:
As "luck" would have it, the Academic Decathlon theme for this year is the space race, so we offered to take the team with us to see it, though only one was willing to go out in public with his teachers:
I did not catch the fever until the shuttle actually started rolling by. The left wing went right over our heads and it was as totally awesome as it sounds like it would be:

This is me and it was really cool.


Renay H. Marquez said...

Does this make up for not getting to see it fly over Downtown?

Cathie said...

So cool! Don't worry, I think we all had kind of figured out where the Jungle is. Besides, there's still a lot of it to try to pin down your location exactly...

Elizabeth said...

So. Freaking. Cool. Love it! You need to take him to Huntsville, AL to the NASA museum out there. He'd totally geek out over it.

Anonymous said...

This is RAD beyond words. How over-the-top luck are ya'll to get to see history in the making. SOOO COOL to stand under the wing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And thanks for a photo shot of those infamous tiles.
So happy you got to experience this up close.
Thanks for sharing it with all us>

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