Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Two In One

Over the summer I managed to see the dentist for a check up and it was an uneventful experience, no cavities, until the polishing.
I've always been amused at the number of pieces of equipment the dentist tries to get in a person's mouth at one time.
She was polishing with the cleaning stuff on one side and the suction thing was in one corner and the water in the other and apparently there was a problem with the water supply because it sprayed everywhere.
My mouth yes, but also my face, all over my glasses and into my hair and down onto my shirt and dribbling down my neck and off the back of the chair.
It wasn't until it splashed the dentist's goggles that she noticed though, and then it was apologies all over the place as she got the technician to mop it all up.
A shower AND a check up, all in one.

This is me and if I'd known, I'd have brought my shampoo.

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Master P said...

Ewwww!!! At least she apologized....

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