Monday, October 08, 2012

High School Revisited

So, all these years I have been using Facebook for games and checking out photos posted by family. Sometimes I comment on thought provoking status-es from friends. I have searched for and found friends from high school, or grade school, always with half excitement of catching up and half trepidation that we won't have anything to talk about.
Inevitably we "friend" each other and maybe a brief message or two pass and then we cease to communicate ever again. They have lives, I have a life, we don't have much in common anymore except the few years at the same school.
It's not like I was an uber-popular thing anyway. There aren't THAT many for me to find.
I never parted from a boyfriend in anger, so there's no angst to meet them online again and most of them are married, I'm married, we're all happy, so no dramas or anything.
Again, not like I had a string to leave behind in any case.
In short, I've seen no need for FB. In fact, I stopped even logging in for about six months this year because there was no reason.
But recently, I received a friend request from a guy I went to high school with. Yes, we dated for a while and he was my first kiss, but neither of those are the reasons we got in touch and apparently can write miles of messages to each other. He is a really nice guy. Still a really nice guy. He had dreams of writing music when we were younger and he's actually gone on to do it - all without getting a big head about it. He loves musicals and get this - 'Wicked' is his favorite Broadway show too! He also likes 'Jekyll & Hyde' which makes him my best friend ever. (Tarzan is a doll and has many good qualities but he thinks musicals are dumb.)
For once I really am able to pick up where we left off, like the intervening 18 years don't matter. It's nice to have friends like that.

This is me and some things really are as good as I remember them.


Cathie said...

Too bad about your husband's fondness for musicals is one of the finer (or at least more refined) things about him.

Master P said...

I love how my best friends and I can connect like we were never apart. Old friends rock. As does Wicked.

Elizabeth said...

Yay for old friends that are super awesome!! I love connections like that!

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