Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whine To The Lot

I know, I haven't been posting much other than football scores and I'm sorry. There's a litany of things I'm working on; the patio in the back yard - and it's ALMOST done - the Primary Presentation for church, cub scout scheduling, I've got a really sick kitty - poor thing has a mouth disease and the cost of MAYBE fixing him is a lot, so we're trying to decide what to do - Tarzan's district just dropped all library aids so he's all alone at school and super stressed over it - he comes home just exhausted - plus there's my job too and this commute is just killing me. It's not the worst one anyone has and sometimes the radio station gets a good series going and I don't mind as much. But then other days the President of the United States comes to visit, closing one of the major streets I have to cross to get the freeway to get home for an ENTIRE HOUR which made getting out of work a 1/2 hour early a moot point.
Add to all that the whole mess of my posts that Blogger keeps making - I can't even comment on all my friend's pages anymore because of the whole "pick a profile" option and it won't let me choose, keeps giving me some HTML error I don't understand - and the motivation just isn't strong enough to make me turn the computer on. I'm neglecting Mafia Wars and Frontierville too. That's how bad this is.

This is me wondering how you do it?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


And that was not more like it.
It started out okay, got really good in the third quarter and then the quarterback throws two interceptions and the running back who was on fire fumbles the ball on a crucial run and it's all down hill.
USC: 22
ASU: 42

This is me and that wasn't a good game.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ode To Another Sister-In-Law

She's been in the family longer than a year, but last September she snuck her birthday in under the ode radar so this is my first one for Liezel! Such a sweet, genuine person she is. When she asks a question, she really wants to know the answer and she listens to you tell it. It's odd to write this in the same sentence as her name because Liezel is not the jealous kind, but I am so jealous of her hair. I've always wanted red hair and she has the best shade. Enough red so that you're sure it is, but enough brown that she can wear pink and yellow without looking weird. And it curls too:She is kind, never a sour word have I heard leave her lips and so very devoted to PhatFiddle. We should all be that kind of a wife.All that and pretty too:

This is me wishing Liezel a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

USC vs Syracuse

Now THAT is more like it.
Yes, I know Syracuse is not in our conference, or a high ranking team, but it was nice to see OUR team working together, making some plays, getting some points and NOT getting a penalty every five game minutes.
USC: 38
Syracuse: 17

This is me and it was good.

Monday, September 12, 2011

USC vs Utah (Revisited)

Well, that was odd.
Apparently there isn't a rule, or at least not an official rule, about Unsportsmanlike Conduct when the clock winds down. They explained it in a few papers this morning but I still don't get it.
Though I AM amused that some of the casinos in Vegas had to pay out to both sides because first we didn't beat the point spread and then we did. That has to irk the "house."

This is me and we still won...I think.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Heard From The Pulpit

Note: There's some religious terminology about to be used here. Anything you don't know can be explained here.
From the pulpit today at Stake Conference (meeting of six or so congregations of church members in a local area.):
"Bro.----couldn't be here today - (where we were sustaining him as Stake Patriarch) - because he's been working for a long time to get enough tags to go bow hunting and today was the day. So we excuse him and we appreciate the work he does."

This is me and that's one I could not have predicted.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

USC vs Utah

Well that was one of the most depressing things I have ever seen for being a win.
University of Utah:14
It should have been 24 and in fact I don't know why it wasn't 24 for our team.
This new rule about sideline violations negating the blocked field goal run back for a touchdown? Not my favorite. Especially when the coach is shooing everyone back as the clock winds down.
I wonder what sort of repercussions that will have when the celebrating comes from a change in winner? Tough call.

This is me and if things keep going like this it's not going to be a good season.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

County Fair 2011

Right before school starts the county fair opens. We went last year and had a really good time. This year we planned it better and took [some of] my family:
We went for Labor Day and there was some promotional thing and if we got there before 1:00pm, admission was a single dollar. $1! It was awesome.

We did all the "traditional" stuff we did last year; the lumberjack show was the same, hot guys doing athletic things for applause, the Ferris wheel, the parade with kids throwing beads and stuffed animals, the crafts. The trains:

I was really bummed the horse racing wasn't until next week, but we did visit the Budweiser Clydesdale team. And the lumberjacks were not the only hot guys doing things. I didn't realize this until we got home but of the twenty-seven pictures I took all day, seventeen of them were of Travis:

He was the assistant at the tractor pull. The pedal tractor for the kids...but still. That boy had to haul one excellent behind back and forth a lot of times:

He was one of the highlights of the day for my sisters and I:

And of course there was great food. We ate a lot of yummy things and ended the day with a HUGE, maple, bacon, donut:

It was worth the exorbitant price my father paid for it but I think LBO wanted to eat another:

This is me and maybe next year I'll take you!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Slightly Damp

The only down side I have found to owning a convertible is the possibility of a sudden rainstorm from a clear sky while on the freeway driving home from a family BBQ.

This is me and that would be it.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

USC vs Minnesota

The college football season has begun - and I love it, make no mistake - but it amuses me greatly that a game measured in yards often comes down to less than an inch. The equipment they use to measure is wider than the gap that decides a game. Crazy stuff.
USC did not do as well I as hoped in the season opener today, barely beating the Minnesota Golden Gophers (really?).

USC: 19
Minnesota: 17
Completely scoreless in the second half. Not liking THAT precedent.

This is me watching the game.

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