Monday, February 23, 2015


It's not a new thought and it's not original to me, but I wish babies came with a digital readout, or colored buttons, or a mood ring at least, to let us know where they were emotionally.
It's fairly easy to manage physical stuff; food and clothing and a bed, pain or temperature, but are they happy here with us?
Cheetah gets this look on his face sometimes - maybe it's not indicative of his emotions, maybe babies don't have them yet? - and he looks so pitiful and forlorn, like maybe he needs something he isn't getting.
Maybe he doesn't even know he isn't getting it (whatever 'it' is) but it makes me paranoid.
I recall the LDS urban legend about the young child who climbs into the crib with his newborn sibling and asks "tell me about heaven, I'm starting to forget," which of course makes me all teary (see my previously mentioned soggy state of affairs) and I wonder.
Is Cheetah sad that he's here? Is he getting enough love and snuggles?
Does he remember heaven? Is he starting to forget? Does that make him sad?
Does he wish he picked a different family? What could I be doing better?
And I regret putting him down (on a blanket where he worked on his gross motor skills very diligently with no complaints) so I could go to the bathroom and unload the dishwasher this morning.

This is me, wondering whether he's regretting coming here.
(Good golly I'm getting maudlin in my old age.)

Monday, February 09, 2015

There is Beauty All Around...When This is What's For Dinner!!!!!

The most amazing part of this whole new baby thing is the food. Seriously, I have always loved Jane's cooking and her biggest pet peeve when she was working in an office was the fact that she didn't have time to cook. Now that she is home taking care of Cheetah, she is really hitting it out of the culinary park! This is what was on the menu last Thursday:
Bacon wrapped, goat cheese encrusted filet mignon drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce accompanied by a dancing in the aisles, fabulously crunchy blue cheese and bacon chopped salad and a delightfully savory side of slap you in the face good, garlic and cheese mashed potatoes. This dinner was followed by tears of joy. And yet it was only almost as good as the home made cheese and broccoli soup she made the week prior. That dish was sooooo good I swear the earth moved as I relished it. Life is divine.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Rolling Over

Cheetah is not a fan of tummy time.
I know a lot of children aren't.
I wonder if it's a medical professional's ploy to get kids to work on getting out of it and thus improve their upper body strength...
Here's Cheetah avoiding tummy time:
(I sound like a moron. I apologize. You may mute me with my blessing if you wish.)

This is me and it's a first with an actual date to record.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The many sides of an O'Grady

So it is interesting to discover how multi-faceted Cheetah is. He is always wonderful to behold but in constantly changing ways.
Here is a sleeping Cheetah:

Here is Saturday Night Fever Cheetah:
And here is DEFCON 5, break the Internet, cue the sun, dangerously, charmingly cute Cheetah.

The many faces of Cheetah O'Grady are a wonder to behold.

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