Friday, July 27, 2012

ATL and Me

It's like we share a twin brain, ATL and I. With absolutely no colaboration at all, we end up dressing the same a lot of the time. I'm sure some of it comes from living in the same house for seven +/- years.And some may come from having the same complexion, so the same colors look good on both of us:AND we shop together, so we own a few of the same shirts and whatall:But besides all that, it's a total coincidence when we show up at the end of a day of work having not seen each other since the night before and we're in the same outfit:But, despite being born 8 years apart.
And the fact she's WAY super organized and I am not:Also, she's prettier, taller and skinnier:Otherwise, we're totally twins:
This is me, and ATL and we dress alike a lot.


Renay H. Marquez said...

My brother and I do this too. We have been often mistaken for twins. Sometimes I do wonder about the whole like minded thing.

Master P said...

DUDE. I was just thinking, it's been a long time since Jane wrote. But MONTHS??? Oh, please Jane, I'm still dying to hear about the train ride!!!

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