Monday, October 22, 2012

Finally Cool

When I was in 3rd grade we had these hearing/eye tests at school and the end result was I had to get glasses.
Living where we did when I was nine, it didn't occur to me to be concerned about sunglasses until I was in college and came to The Jungle. Then it became apparent that I was in need of some.
I am really nearsighted so I can't do what Tarzan does, take off his specs and wears his shades. It doesn't work well wearing a pair over my regular glasses.
I hear some of you saying, what about contacts Jane?
Well, my eyes are a weird shape - let's discuss my mouth and ears shall we? - and contacts just don't take. So, I have had to squint a lot and wear clip-on sunglasses because my eyes have changed every year of my life and our medical insurance covers one pair at a time. Oddly, Tarzan and I have always chosen everyday wear for our glasses rather than selective wear. Weirdos that we are.
Until this time around.
My prescription did not change this year and BLESS ME! I got prescription sunglasses:
( I am surprised at how well the passenger in the adjacent car came out in that shot.)
It's been cool. I can see stuff in daylight and I don't have headaches and there's enough surface area to protect my whole eye. I can withstand reflections from the car in front of me!:

This is me and it only took 27 years.


Tarzan said...

Since when do I wear shades?

Cathie said...

Hey, congrats! My prescription finally settled out the last couple years, and then this year my right eye actually got better. Two decades of corrective lenses, and my eyes are actually improving! It's a miracle.

Master P said...

Oooo, you DO look cool! I think your eyeballs are quite lovely.

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