Saturday, November 29, 2008


The brain is a weird organ. The connections it does or does not make, depending.
Tarzan is the king of random associations I think. (Let me know if you can find someone with a weirder connection than hearing the economic news on the radio and feeling sorry for his phrasing from a conversation that happened before he left grade school.) That man has a mind that jumps five grooves at a time.
My brain on the other hand seems to get stuck in a groove and never gets out again. For example, I always think of Roxie and Jared when I hear "Come On Eileen," even though it was years ago that I saw them dance to it, they both have moved on, married other people, kids, blah blah blah. That memory sticks.
Likewise, when I was in the shower this evening - and this happens nearly every time I take a shower - I was reminded of Paul Reiser. I read an article, years ago in a waiting room or something such that it was hard to go back and find the blurb again, about showering and his take on how we tend to wash our stomachs and chests and arms a lot because they're close to us, but our feet, which do so much of the work during our days are far away and we say 'eh, they get dripped on.' I'm sure this was from a comedy routine he did, but I've never heard it and I've never seen it written anywhere else. Yet every time I get in the shower I think of him when I bend over to wash my feet.

This is me, this remembering stuff is a tricky business.

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Rocketgirl said...

I had a nickname in college - "search engine." You know how you put something in a search engine and get the most random links back that are barely connected to the original point?

Maybe I should start calling YOU that. ;)

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