Friday, November 07, 2008

There Should Be A Note Or Something

The Back Porch peeps have got to stop this skipping of weeks without notifying me. Really puts a crimp in a girl's blogging plans, thinking there will be a meme to post and then suddenly...nothing. Very irksome.
Especially on days like today. Do you ever have a day where you just can't get anything done? Not from lack of trying, believe me, but like you're running in water, no mud. Yeah, running in waist high mud. Exhausting and incredibly time consuming with no visible results. I spent the last four hours driving across town. FOUR HOURS to go 20 miles. I hate that. Driving and driving and getting nowhere. Traffic sucks and traffic on THAT side of town really sucks, so I will never go there again. Never, never, never. Until the next time I have to.
The part before that was okay. I took my sister to one of the local art museums; she has a report on some Greek vase, or oil container or whatever. It's a really nice place. And amazingly clean. I mean there's no dust or anything, even outside. A little weird but cool. Pictures will come later. I am too exhausted right now to contemplate which end of the funny shaped cord fits into which of the many slots available on my camera.

This is me, apologizing for the whiney post.

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