Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here We Are Again

Who knew it would ever happen, but we are down to a very managable number of celebrities on Dancing With The Stars. I used to think the recap at the end of the performance night was dumb - we just saw them dance, why do we need to be reminded - but this season with the excessive number of dances in a night I actually needed the reminder of who went first. So my opinions this week:
  • First round dresses were all pretty nasty: Brooke's belt? Edyta's dip in the back? Cheryl's tassles? (what is with the tassles this season? EW) and Lacey had weird cut outs in her dress
  • and speaking of costumes, you know there's a problem if your outfit sheds when you dance
  • Cheryl DID have a great dress in the paso doble though - excellent color too
  • Edyta's mambo dress was icky
  • does it seem like I have a lot of comments on the outfits?
  • mambo to "raise the dead" Bruno?
  • Maurice's quickstep did not seem too quick
  • Warren just had weird music all night long
  • frankly, the mambo seems to be a spasmodic dance all around
  • Lance's feet are just sad

And the results show:

  • Aww, Len had a poppy in his lapel, that's nice
  • Dang, Brad Paisley is CUTE - listening to the radio all the time I forget they have faces and are a lot younger than their smokey voices indicate. Do they drink a lot to acheive those voices? Joe Nichols is another one WAY cuter and/or younger than his voice would suggest.
  • Dr. Drew was a little too much touchy-feely for a dance show - they're dance partners not soulmates...tears?! Way too much drama.
  • Derek was a good choice for the jive - he's really very controlled but lively, loose - but I think his and Julianne's outfits could have matched a little better
  • Alec has a tattoo! Nice.

This is me, with the weekly criticism.

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Rocketgirl said...

Those country boys can be cute. I refuse to allow myself to listen to them lest I start liking their music just because they are adorable. I gotta keep my street cred up.

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