Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weird Dream #26

Remind me to not eat ice cream and watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit RIGHT before bed ever again okay? Makes for some freaky dreams. Or at least it did last night. I was groggily awake when Tarzan left for work at 7:00 this morning but drifted off into one of those light dozes you do when you've had to be awake but not really.
Some really important political matter had been decided contrary to what was expected and a shock to the community. (Do you like how specific I dream?) One of the guys I dated in high school was the president - I guess that's what he was - but I was amazed at how small the office he ran things from was. I was taken to see him because I was opposed to the new "whatever" and was speaking out against it, even though he and I had been on the same side during the campaign. While in his office he showed me the gift packages that were going out to all the other world leader. Apparently these were very significant to the new position the administration was taking. What was in the packages? A USC horse blanket and raisins. Brand name raisins that - hold onto your hat - became a horse when water was added. I know. Apparently this convinced me of the fallacy of my arguments and made me a devoted supporter of the cause, helping to revise signs and do the loads of paperwork in his office. We were involved with this change for weeks.
I woke up at 8:01am thinking the world as I knew it was completely changed. Took me several moments to recognize my ceiling and light fixture, and then the fact that the world hadn't changed dawned on me and I was okay, albeit a little exhausted.

This is me, tired before I woke up.

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Rocketgirl said...

yeah.... your brain scares me. it's those still-waters-run-deep ones. You should jsut watch Sesame Street before bed and see what it does;)

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