Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Melting Pot

I have been warned that publishing this post will cause some of my readers to hate me, but I feel it may be of service to others and plus, it is AWESOME!
I refer, of course, to The Melting Pot. Tarzan and I have been there twice in the last year - I know, he spoils me - and I think it is the nicest restaurant ever. Not just because of the food, though that is spectacular, but it's the little touches that make you feel like you are special to the staff. I am not usually affected - I don't think - by ambiance at an eating establishment. I am there to eat, and as long as the food is good and timely I'm down with it. The Melting Pot is a whole 'nother level beyond any fancy restaurant I have ever been in. It might be that I'm uncultured and/or sheltered, OR it might be that this really is the best place to eat, ever.
The first thing I noticed was the quiet when we entered. A lot of restaurants are noisy, with waiting customers, with the host(ess) talking to people, the kitchen clinking, the patrons talking and eating. Not so at The Melting Pot. The whole place was quiet. There was a kitchen and there were patrons and a hostess. Two in fact, but it wasn't loud. Even the bar, with the televisions was quiet. I don't know if there are acoustic tiles somewhere, or sound suppression wallpaper, but it's really impressive. The decor is elegant, subtle but not dated, nor trying too hard. Some of it may be that the tables are not crowded cheek-by-jowl to each other. There's ample room to navigate between tables, you can't overhear other people's conversations, the staff don't yell. The staff, oh the staff. There could be a whole chapter about the staff. Even though they are serving several tables at once, they really make you feel like you are the only one there that night. Helpful, knowledgeable, funny but not annoying, familiar but not intrusive, attentive but not hovering over you every second. If it's a special event they offer flowers or balloons, and they give you a card signed by the staff serving you that night. It's quite the experience.
The menu is a little different from the mainstream in that they have three-ish choices for each course. (On Valentine's Day there is just one.) And it is simply awesome; there's a cheese fondue first, with all the dippers, then salad, the main fondue course - cooked and seasoned exactly how you ask, and ALL the sauces are superb - and then dessert, also fondue - it's chocolate, you can't go wrong - all for the one price - which can be a tad more than you would spend elsewhere - but it is SO worth it.
If there is one in your area, I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you try it out.

This is me, referring you to a great place.

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Rocketgirl said...

Why yes, I DO hate you now. GRRRR it's not even 8:30 and I'm craving cheese fondue - my whole day is ruined with my insatiable craving!!!! Also, I'm thrilled to pieces Tarzan does spoil you so:)

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