Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One More Week Left

It is getting near the end of this season of Dancing With The Stars, so the "trash talk" is getting more cliche and fake sounding. "Eye on the prize," "step it up a notch," "up the game." Oy. Get original. I hate the editing that does or does not get done. Eh. This week's dancing in my opinion:
  • Don't know about that jive, Brooke. She missed some steps, that was TOTALLY a lift, and their costumes did not match.
  • That was a funny little paso doble that Cody did. Cute, but not so bold and manly. They took a lot of time to put his coat on too, in the middle of the dance.
  • The judges were all mean Monday night too. They score very relatively which kind of annoys me.
  • I didn't hate Lance's mambo. Well orchestrated to play up his strengths and downplayed Lacey's...bossiness. There could have been a shimmy or two, and his feet are, eh. But he is improving. And so is she.
  • Len's Master Class always cracks me up. So funny.
  • Cody is a little too enamored of Julianne.
  • Uhh...what was Brooke wearing for the salsa? I know, but WHAT? That whole routine was weird. And interestingly, I have since learned it was pilfered, costume and all from a professional pair.
  • What happened to Lance's shoe? And Bruno, Gene Kelly and Ann Miller did not ever do the jitterbug as far as I know.
  • But the professionals, all of them, are AWESOME!

And the results, which was a little extreme in my opinion. Maybe they have to fill the time?

  • Sam needs to rein it in just a tad - Aretha Franklin is awesome, but we still need to hear the introduction.
  • Karina was a busy little dancer getting into all the numbers.
  • I can't believe I'm about to say this but; Julianne should stick to dancing
  • Brooke's had four kids with her FIANCE?
  • That was a little surprising - Cody and Julianne got eliminated...

This is me, almost done with the season.

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Heather said...

Don't listen to that blog about Derek & Brooke's routine. Besides the costume, it is completely unfounded. And what does it matter if a costume was "copied"? That happens all the time, and is completely inconsequential.

Derek does a great job of choreographing routines each season and he should be praised for that, not falsely accused of things.

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