Friday, November 12, 2010

Do I Trust A Man So Happy To Slice My Hand Open?

As previously mentioned I went for (minor) surgery on my right thumb yesterday.
It went well, I suppose - the doctor called it "beautiful" - but on his recommendation I chose the less severe anesthesia option which meant I was awake for it and I was not amused by the sounds I heard during the procedure. I was amused by the doctor though. Apparently he "loves" his minor surgery days and he was "a little goofy" yesterday. Lots of jokes, which maybe are meant to distract the awake and clearly nervous patient.
I am also surprised at how much it doesn't hurt. My young, bald-headed-on-purpose doctor wrote me a prescription for Vicodin - after joking "How many do you want? 20, 30, these things have street value you know" - which led me to believe I might actually need some of it. When I had my wisdom teeth removed I enjoyed the relief those lovely little white pills can give for a day or two.
Here I had my hand cut open and then stitched up and it's been a little sore and achy but nothing that I even need Tylenol for.
Of course I can't turn the car on, button my own shirt or cut my steak, as we amusingly found out last night at dinner, so I guess it's a fair trade.
I also can't tell if I will be able to bend my thumb when this all heals up because of the enormous wrappings around my hand:
The incision is on the inside of my thumb and is packed with all kinds of gauze I can't take off for three days. Dr. Z asked me to wiggle my thumb while the wound was still open but I couldn't tell if it was moving let alone locking or clicking like it had before. Why do medical professionals insist on asking questions that the patient has no answer for? He's the doctor, can't he tell if he did it right?
This is me and no, I did not look at my hand from the time they washed it off until it was wrapped up again.

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You are one tough little lady!

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