Monday, November 01, 2010

Starting Gun

I don't look forward to November quite the way that RHM does but National Blog Posting Month helps me feel like I'm making up for all the times I didn't post when I should have throughout the rest of the year. This year has just been going by so fast with so many things to do, I predict a lot of pictures for NaBloPoMo.
You think up things for me to write about! This blog was not set up with a central theme, leaving me nothing to fall back on, except maybe all the cats we have, and there is an incredibly long post coming about that, but here's the chance for some audience participation. Ask me anything and I will post about it. In fact, I might even make some cookies for the best question.
Contest #2, is now open.
What have you always wanted to know?
What do I not post about enough?
What sort of pictures do you want me to take?

This is me and let me know!


Cathie said...

What about a "for those just joining us" or "Previously, on [this TV show]" entry, to catch people up on you and yours?

Rocketgirl said...

Cathie has a great idea! Also, I'd like a pictoral essay of your day. All the little stuff. It'd be super cool.

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