Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reflections On The Fourth Year

(This was actually composed before we left town so I don't consider it NaBloPoMo cheating.)
Happy Blogging Anniversary to us here in The Jungle! It's been four years and I like to think we've come along rather well in the posting department. Tarzan has upped his contributons to the site, albeit a tad random in the subject matter, and we have a few more fans than last year.
It's been a long year as far as activities participated in and a fast one relating to time.
But I do love to come to the computer and see new posts from friends and I really love it when I have some subject matter to share with you. Some times I am making it up as I type and that doesn't satisfy me as much as a really good event - like the Road Rage incident - to create some commentary on human behavior. I've discovered that that is what I like best, discussing people and why people do what they do.
I should have been a psychologist so I could get paid for it.

This is me celebrating four years blogging.
This time last year in The Jungle: Reflections on the Third Year.

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Rocketgirl said...

I am thrilled beyond belief that you blog - and Tarzan has been giving me the giggles too. I compose posts in the shower :)

Really - I'm thrilled you blog. Thank you!!!

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