Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Five Guys In Kilts

Just when I though I'd have to take a pass for today because nothing of note has happened - you've heard about my thumb, no change there, and no one wants to hear how busy I am yet AGAIN - I remembered that I hadn't mentioned how the Celtic Thunder concert ATL and I attended had gone.
Bonus! Blog material.
It was interesting to be on the escort side of the viewing instead of the insane fan side. Usually I am the one shrieking with delight and so delirious I don't remember vast sections of the night. This time I was watching all the others shrieking and being delirious. The night was much less of a blur.
As mentioned previously, they are five hot guys in kilts who can sing. Right away it's a good time. Secondly they don't seem to be caught up in their own fame, which I count as a plus. There were a few times during the performance where they just seemed to be friends hanging out and goofing around. You can tell they are amused and a little amazed at the notoriety they have:

And yes, the flips at the end are on purpose. The guy on the far right, Paul, makes it his signature thing. He's always flashing his legs to the crowd. Ryan, the dark haired guy on the far left, is ATL's favorite. He's the "bad boy." For a 'favorite,' I am torn between the slightly older, Scottish guy (all the others are from Ireland) in the middle, George and the youngest, Damian, who has gone from a short, high tenor at 14 to a tall, deep bass at 18.
We got to go around to the stage door and hang out with the milling throng of teen to ancient ladies yelling for their favorite voice to sign a program, arm or unmentionable item. ATL got Ryan to sign her program and I was close enough to catch a few words from each in their sexy accents.

This is me and in short, it was quite fun.


Cathie said...

What an odd phenomenon. My favorite part was when the kid went too far and the other guy pulled him back--and that they didn't edit that out! But was all the choreography that stilted, or just on that number?

Jane said...

That is a really good part. And since they are SO VERY strict about publicity it amuses me greatly that this is the video they have allowed out.
The choreography is much less stiff on the other numbers. This one is supposed to be strong and dramatic and all the chicks in te audience do it with them so I it comes off less fluid and natural.

Mara said...

How cool! Now I want to watch their live concert too.

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