Friday, November 05, 2010

Road Rage

I was motoring along, just as I do every Thursday, on my way to the Home Storage Center and I stopped behind a car making a left hand turn. It was a crowded intersection with large trucks maneuvering and sometimes blocking the street. When the light turned yellow there was a truck in the way of the car in front of me. This car went out and around the truck and I chose not to move as I was still within the lines.
The guy behind me did not like this plan AT ALL.
He honked his horn and then honked it again, longer and harder. I took a page from Tarzan's book and waved at him in the rear view mirror, just so he knew I'd heard him. This was clearly not a good idea as he flipped me the middle finger and proceeded to spend the rest of the red light pointing from his eyes to my car, like he was watching me or something.
When the left turn arrow came on I proceeded to make my turn and he came hard and fast behind me, sped up, passed me, then came back into my lane, in front of me and slammed on his brakes. I braked as well and changed lanes so I wasn't behind him. He then changed so he was in front of me and again slowed down.
We were really lucky there were not a lot of cars on the same road.
He kept up the same behavior until it became clear, I must assume, that I was not going to ram him or try to pass him or honk at him, so he came back to normal speed and zoomed away. I was glad to see him go straight through the next light, rather than right, as I was going.

This is me and I have never seen behavior like that outside of a movie.


Elizabeth said...

I think he really liked you.

Sorry you had to go through with that. That is just AWFUL...

Rocketgirl said...

Good golly - why on earth would anyone spend that much energy on something so pointless?!?!

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