Friday, November 26, 2010

Countdown Begins

Do you realize that Christmas is only four weeks from today? Four weeks. That's 28 days. I have so much to get started on. There's the Christmas tree decorating party by the kids for the ward Christmas party which is a week from tomorrow. There are about six musical numbers I have to schedule rehearsals and Tarzan for before the Christmas program which is three weeks from the day after tomorrow and there's the shopping and the baking, people to be fetched from the airport, a cousin getting his Eagle Scout award, dinners and all that stuff that comes every year.
I love it, I do, but it seems sooner this time around. Or maybe I'm older and don't have as much energy?

This is me, wondering if those people up north don't have it right. Do Thanksgiving early and then there's plenty of time to slide into Christmas.


RHM said...

I suppose now that not every other waking second is dedicated to the concept of plot I should get on my holiday card. Gonna try for one I've been toying with for three years. And then next year's will be a snap as it will have been 10 years of my cards going out, planning a retrospective.

Rocketgirl said...

I think it is sooner, and that has to do with everything ELSE but us getting old. I hope so... man, your schedule wears me out just looking at it!

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