Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Unveiling

Today was the big day when I got to take my big old bandage off my hand and replace it with a smaller band-aid. Which was a good thing, the old wrapping was getting kind of grimy and it was a pain to take a shower with. Have you ever tried to wash your hair with one hand? I swear the left side of my head is cleaner than the right.
Additionally, this was the first time I would get to see the wound and I was curious as to the nature of it. The doctor had explained to me how the procedure would go, indicating the incision and placement of the scar etc.
I will say only this; my doctor will never get any awards for his stitching:
This is me and it'll be a much funkier scar than I was hoping for.


Cathie said...

Good grief, that was the best he could do?! That's right up there with my husbands Zorro scar on his foot.

Rocketgirl said...

OKAY. WARN A GIRL BEFORE POSTING STUFF LIKE THAT!!!!! And dang, it looks like I could have done a better job!

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