Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Thing I've Learned In Ten Years Of Marriage

Do not ask Tarzan how much he wants to eat. Being the smart alec he is he will say "a goodly portion." Sick, hungry, tired, busy, bored or angry, that's his answer.
I ask him how hungry he is. If he's "eh," (that's a real answer) I don't give him much.
If he's "starving" then I give him a lot.
And if he's hovering over the pot asking when dinner is, I just serve him all of it.

This is me and it's a proven system.


Cathie said...

I have a similar system when portioning out sour cream. If it's what I think is enough, I add a bunch more. If it's what I think is too much, I add a little more. If it's a quarter of the container, I put my foot down.

Elizabeth said...

:) Sounds like a good system to me!

RHM said...

So the real question is: what won't he eat?

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