Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ode To Are You Kidding Me?

Tarzan and I have been married for ten years today, boys and girls!
That's right
I am speechless when I think how long that sounds and how fast it's gone by. I realize how cliche that sounds but it's true. I've got nothing but my jaw on the floor when I think about it.
We've done a lot of things but it's hard to remember what happened when or in relation to what else. To quote another cheesy line; "It's all a blur."
I am honored that Tarzan has stuck around and despite it all still seems to like me.
He sent me flowers today which was sweet:
As far as the celebration goes, we had planned a weekend in the same hotel where we spent the night after our wedding, right before we flew to Paradise. This hotel had a hot tub on the balcony and we loved it. We've lived on that memory for a long time and we wanted to go back there knowing what was coming and not as exhausted as we had been the first time.
Only to discover that in the intervening time the hotel has renovated their rooms and taken out the hot tubs. Losers. So we did some research and found a really cute hotel on an island that we like but they don't have openings until the new year. So the tenth anniversary par-tay will be slightly on hold until January.
I'll post pictures.

This is me and we have been married for ten years.


Rocketgirl said...

I LOVE the celebratory idea!! And saying congratulations doesn't seem enough... you two are seriously amazing. And ode is forthcoming.

Mara said...

Congratulations! Hey, I only have 8 and a half years to catch up =)

Elizabeth said...

Wow!!! Congratulations to the both of you!!!

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