Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Bang

I've mentioned how I watch too much television. And how I am every broadcasting company's target audience.
I've picked up another one.
I know, I know, but before you get too disgusted with me I have good news. ATL and I got serious this fall and weeded out all the series recordings of shows that are stupid, that we don't really like and the ones that have been canceled. As a measure of how serious we got, we stopped recording Dancing With The Stars.
(Yes, that's right. It was a tough decision but it runs thee hours over two nights and it's just too reality show-y to make up for the cool dance numbers. I miss Seasons 3 and 4 before it got so big.)
So reduced are we in our television view-age that we're actually on top of it and many nights are watching the show as it records because there's no back log.
For ATL and I this is huge progress. HUGE!
Tarzan still thinks we're weird and plays his computer games in the corner with headphones so he doesn't have to participate. Except for Burn Notice. He watches that one with us.
But the new show. It's not new to most of you, I am sure but I finally watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory for kicks because there was nothing else on and now I am hooked.
I was interested at first because of Johnny Galecki but it is Jim Parsons who is my favorite now.
Sheldon is just hilarious.
It's the point of the show, I am sure, but I feel smarter for watching it AND I'm extra pleased when I actually understand what they are talking about. That doesn't happen often.
I could continue to tell you how funny it is but until you have heard a rejoinder between Sheldon and Leonard, it just won't be the same.
It doesn't hurt that one of my favorite groups composed and sings the theme song either.
"...We built the pyramids..."

This is me and it is a really funny show.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to pay for the cable TV treadmill so it's free TV for me. I look for good writing. Big Bang has that going for it. My daughter pointed me in the direction of 30 Rock and I was pleasantly surprised. Nevertheless, I have cut back on Babylon viewing; it gets a little too crazy inside that large 'n spacious edifice.

Cathie said...

I love BBT! And the husband just got me hooked on Burn Notice. I watch and think, "Man, I wish I had legs like Fiona." Then I finish my Dulce de Leche ice cream and go to bed without exercising.

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