Wednesday, November 16, 2011

George - My iPhone

This is my iPhone - I call it George:
It's the iPhone3 - and it was free. My cell phone was due for an upgrade - yes we're still on one of those contract plans but it works for us - and Tarzan ordered this for me for my birthday. I was fairly certain I would not like it and did not need a 'fancy' phone. All I use it for is texting and calling, right?
Well not anymore.
Firstly, texting is SO MUCH EASIER with a full keyboard and it's not even annoying anymore to to turn the phone sideways to get a wider display. I do miss the arrows of a regular keyboard though. Inserting is very difficult.
Calling is slightly more annoying than I would have thought. I've accidentally dialed people more often with this phone than all the others combined. The Contacts screen is a little touchy.
(Touchy - hee hee hee)
And it took me all of a day to decide that keeping notes and things on my phone was handy. How many times have I left the grocery list at home, or mailed it, or lost it? More times than I have forgotten my phone when going to the store, that's for sure. Also, deleting and writing another list? So handy. Saving the trees.
And then there are the games. I miss Tetris from my old phone. I still hold out hopes of being able to get it transferred because I paid for it once, but we'll see. But there are so many others to play.
The Internet. Love the Internet on my phone!
I hate to admit the number of times I have dropped my iPhone already though. It's like there's holes in my hands sometimes. I've had to exchange my SIM card too, though that's not a bad thing when you consider the one I had was the first one I ever had, so old it was still printed with 'Cingular.'
The camera is nothing sort of spectacular compared to my old one and being able to download the pictures to my computer is so convenient. I just need to learn how to make my own ring tone now and things will be perfect.

This is me and I have a iPhone and I like it.


The Super Seven said...

Invest in the top of the line Otter boxes for your phone. Then it won't break.......enjoy!!!! We love our IPhones here.....

Master P said...

Um, I'm so jealous I want to cry. I miss my iPhone!! Do a search for a grocery app - there's a few great free ones and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I'll give you lotsa ideas next week :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the learning curve is gentle for you.

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