Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflections On The Fifth Year

Happy 5th Blog-iversary to me!
That kind of sounds like a long-ish time to be doing this. Putting my real life on the Internet for anyone to read that is. I attempt to walk that fine line between Too Much and Just Enough Information. And it's been a fancy dance since November 2010.
Well, everything has been stressed this last year, no question. Three new babies in the family, a new job, my parents' business, the nonsense with Tarzan's job, plus the usual work, church and family stuff. It's been crazy to the point that I feel like I'm missing two months. (I can't figure out why it's so dark by 5:00pm if it's only September.) And my posting has totally suffered this because of the craziness, and I apologize. I expect that's why truly busy people don't blog.
And still in all this time I haven't figured out what my 'voice' is going to be.
Certainly not a mommy blogger. I assume one has to have children for that to be feasible.
There are so many infertile blogs and they're all way funnier with lots more information and movement than mine.
I could blog about TV but then it wouldn't be as fun to watch. I think I learned that lesson from the DWTS situation.
I'd love to be an online psychologist or help desk or something but I have no credentials for that.
So I suppose I'm a random, which is hard to find a niche for. Of course, if I had a niche I'd be obligated to write more and we all know how that works out.

This is me and it's better if I blog because I like it.
This time last year: Reflections On The Fourth Year.

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Elizabeth said...

Yay! Congrats on year #4!!

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