Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Meal

One of the writing prompts for NaBloPoMo has me pondering - which I suppose is the point - about my last meal. What would I choose for my last meal?
Which begs the question; why is it my last meal?
If, like they always show in the movies, I'm in prison and about to be executed, there is no way I'd eat. I'd be too freaked out to swallow anything. (It makes my throat close up to type it, let alone live it.) So, no.
If it was some operation thing, where my jaw was being wired shut for mouth surgery or whatever - it happened to my uncle when he broke his jaw - then it'd be all the chewy things I could think of. Steak and fat french fries, asparagus, carrots and apples. Food like that.
If I didn't know it was going to be my last meal, before I died of natural causes at 101 and I still had my teeth, I would have Asian food. Some Thai soup, good spring rolls, BBQ pork, an exotic vegetable mix, bao.
And there would be ice cream cake.
The right ice cream cake, not the one they messed up for my birthday this year. (So annoyed about that. Chocolate curls and graham cracker crumbs do not look the same, ever.)

This is me and it's a tougher question than it initially seems. What would you have?


Anonymous said...

A widow in our ward is a foster parent to a 8-month old child who was SHAKEN. As a result the child is blind and can not swallow, hence must be fed via a feeding tube. Watching her pour formula into a funneled tube hooked into his stomach really gives one a new perspective.
Guess I'm just glad & lucky to live a life of bounteous food offerings.
That said, I won't touch chili peppers of any kind!

Q said...

I would eat as many pot laced brownies as I possibly could to take the edge off of dying.

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