Sunday, November 06, 2011

Homemade Soup

I don't usually like soup. The whole broth business is kind of pointless. If I wanted to drink, I'd put it in a glass.
The exceptions include hot and sour soup - from most any Chinese restaurant but specifically the grungy little dive down the road from our house where I wonder if they've ever met a Chinese person but the soup...the soup IS SO GOOD - or, well, really that's it.
Until I made soup tonight.

It was raining super hard today and it was cold. Not really cold, cold, like places where it snows, cold, but indeed colder than it usually is around here.
Especially when one's house is not equipped for that unusual cold by having things like heaters and insulation.
So I made soup.
Chicken soup with cheese tortellini.
It was a hybrid of what I had on hand and a recipe Aunt Richie gave me. Now I did sort of cram a lot of vegetables into the pot compared to the amount of chicken stock - see above comment regarding broth - but it couldn't be called anything other than soup.
I thought it came out rather well.
I would eat it again and that's a big deal for me and soup.

This is me and it might not be as good tomorrow. Today was Fast Sunday and have you noticed everything tastes better on Fast Sunday?

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Master P said...

I love your last sentence :) Although Jared made the best pizza EVER on sunday. I won't claim it was Fast Sunday-induced love... that's an interesting hypothesis.

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