Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pantry / Linen Revival

I feel almost like I'm breaking the Sabbath by posting about cleaning and work that I did YESTERDAY.
Is that true or am I paranoid?
Don't answer that, I think I know already.
So, YESTERDAY, neither ATL nor I had any commitments which is a huge thing for a Saturday. We decided to tackle cleaning and reorganizing the pantry and linen closets which are in the alcove off the kitchen on the way to the master bedroom.
Yes, I know, not exactly the way most of us choose to spend a day off, but it needed to be done and ATL was very insistent. (Don't tell anyone but her boy.friend is coming for Thanksgiving and she would remodel, redecorate and then clean my entire house if there was time. She's settling for the cleaning.)
Now, I show you these pictures only because it is not the final picture and I know we organized it all nice. This is the 'before' picture, pantry on the left and linen on the right: We took everything out of both cupboards, wiped the shelves down and put it all back in.
The pantry, in a nice orderly fashion:
The linen closet; and it is amazing how much space one has when everything is in it's place:
This is me, though I doubt he will look in my cupboards.


Anonymous said...

Impressive. I love the feeling of newly organized spaces. This feels as good as it looks.

RHM said...

AW ATL, he won't care. But it looks amazing.

Phat Fiddle said...

This is awesomeness in concentrate

Mara said...

Niiice!! I love the rolled up look of the towels.

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