Thursday, November 03, 2011


It's November 3rd.
Where I grew up we would be shoveling snow for perhaps the 3rd or 4th time this season and preparing for a long haul of more of the same.
Here, in the Jungle, it's 78 degrees.
Do we have a lot of people here? Yes, we do.
Do we have a lot of traffic here and does it drive us insane? Yes we do and it does.
Do people freak out and forget how to drive when it rains four times a year. Absolutely
But right now it's sunny and warm and there's a breeze and half of the rest of the country is buried in white stuff already.

This is me and that's why we live here now.


MamaSmith said...

Didn't you grow up in Nova Scotia? we don't have snow...yet.... anyway

The Super Seven said...

MamaSmith took the words right out of my snow here was 30 degrees on Thanksgiving and we were swimming in the lake......I do like my 4 seasons though....

Anonymous said...

I will never forget our Xmas fire pit evening Xmas at 1840. SoCal does winter rather well, I agree.

Master P said...

JDSJKSDHJWRFW. ENJOY IT. At least you enjoy it and don't take it for granted. Even if it makes me want to throw a brick at your state.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, snow is on it's way in. Should arrive tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

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