Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Neti Or No Neti

This is definitely entering the Way Too Much Information phase here but I have had a neti pot recommended to me a few times in the last two days and I wonder what you think of them.
First, how do I keep from drowning? Having Tarzan tell me to stuff some salt water up my nose "but don't snort it" sounds like a good way to drown myself.
Second, though I suppose this should be first, second, does it just help my sinuses or will it work on my constantly popping ears and my AMAZINGLY sore throat too? (I think my tonsils are getting involved here. I really should have had them out years ago but I did not. And now they hurt a lot when I get sick.)
Third, does it fix my nose dripping forever, only for this cold or just for a while? And if not forever, how long can I expect to have relief? Do I have to snort salt water several times a day or just once? Does it last overnight?
In short, now that I am sick for sure, is it worth the effort to get a neti pot or should I continue laying on the couch reading blogs and playing Mafia Wars?

This is me and what do you think?


Elizabeth said...

Breathe through your mouth, not through your nose. Take a deep breath and then do the neti thing...breath out and in through mouth if you need a breath.

It does help the ear thing, throat yes but not keeps the mucus from going down your throat, but the stuff that is already there you would need to gargle the salt water or listerene to get it.

You will have to repeat it after a while, it just gets rid of the mucus build up. Time, it depends on the cold and the nose, sorry, can't give a good estimate. But there is some relief.

That being said...I hate it. I don't do them anymore. Mostly because it is disgusting and I have the most active gag reflex ever known.

RHM said...

Mafia Wars :P

Master P said...

When I was sick the last time, I would call mom sobbing because I just couldn't take being sick any more. Then she would ask "Did you use the neti pot?" and I'd say no because I remember drowning when she used it on me when I was a teen and I wasn't doing it dang it!! and then she'd try to be sympathetic. So the other week when I felt a tickle - I knew what was coming (I also may not have finished my antibiotics from the last sick - so sue me). I get a little sore throat, then a big one, and then it ALWAYS turns into a raging sinus infection. I was NOT going through this again. So I got the pot, one of those saline packets, and decided I try it and then call mom crying about how wrong she was. I decided to do it while I was taking a shower - which works well for me. The steam already has my nasal passages happy at that point. So I went in there and tried it and it was okay - got a little in the back of my throat which is not cool and I coughed a bit, but I didn't care at this point. I was desperate. Then I tried the other side and noticed that when I lean forward pretty far while I'm doing it, it minimizes the back of the throat thing. Then I blew my nose in between doing each side and.. let's just say I was shocked. There was stuff up there that Sudafed could never have dried up. I felt fine all day. The next morning I had a tickle again, so I used it again and no problemo. Now I just go ahead and use it most mornings in the shower and I feel like SuperWoman. I conquered the cold!!!!!! Now, my ears have been a little wonky the last few days, but since nothing else is malfunctioning, I'll live. Oh, and I take a decongestant at night, just to make sure I don't get too much gunk up there. When cold and flu season ends I'll have no need for it, but I feel SO much better than I usually do this time of year!!

Oh, and then don't tell anyone you feel better and just stay on the couch reading blogs. That's what I'd do!

Tarzan said...

Just think of it an an enama for the nose.

Cathie said...

If you don't get your tonsils out, it will probably just get worse and worse. Not that a tonsillectomy is anything short of pure, utter torture, but it feels so much better once you're healed.

My sister swears that if you put Vicks on your feet and put on socks, it makes your noes stop running.

Mara said...

I just started using a neti pot on Teancum. And guess what? he tolerates very well. In fact I think he even likes that thing because if I skip one day he will promptly remind me: "mommy aren't we supposed to use the neti pot everyday?" Yeah I know, it's crazy.
So my point is: if a 5 year old can handle will be a piece of cake for you =) Good luck!

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