Friday, February 02, 2007

Boob Tube

Do I watch too much TV? Probably. Tarzan thinks so. But I think he plays too many computer games. It's one of those agree-to-disagree things. (Isn't marriage great?) The Matheson Clan posted a link to one of their favorite television shows and it spurred me to do the same. I like to think I watch only quality stuff. No sex or violence, good writing, thought provoking topics...well mostly anyway:

  • Sunday night we watch Brothers & Sisters. We started watching because of David Annable who used to be on Reunion before it was cancelled IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON WITHOUT TELLING US WHO MURDERED SAM!!!!!!! But that's all in the past now. ;) Now we like B&S because it's good. Sally Field really is phenomenal. Rob Lowe is too cute! I hope he stays. Does anyone else think this thing with Holly is a little over the top?
  • Also on Sunday is Iron Chef America. Not that I would make, or even like, most of the stuff they make on the show (clam flan anyone?) but Alton and Kevin are very entertaining and the Chairman looks like he's secretly amused by the whole situation. All the chefs are fabulous, no big egos getting in the way of a civilized competition. Most of the judges are great too - the right mix of funny and critical. I think the only one who's annoying in Jeffrey.
  • Monday has Heroes which we started watching because of Milo Ventimiglia (who used to be on Gilmore Girls) but we continued watching because it's very intriguing. Who's really the good guy? They saved the cheerleader thus far...Will they save the world?
  • Following that on Monday night is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Despite the long name it's well worth the time. In one word: fabulous! [said like Jim Carrey does in The Grinch] I think it might have been Matthew Perry (hands down the best Friends character) that caused us to start watching but after the first episode that wasn't an issue at all. All the characters are great. The cast is great. It's all great. Aaron Sorkin sure can hire people to write good! :D I've read criticism that the show may not be renewed because the higher-educated audience watching isn't large enough. What does that say people? Do we want to be labeled as a stupid viewing market? I say NO! Watch more Studio 60! :)
  • Tuesday nights are the reason we ended up getting a DVR box. First there's the aforementioned Gilmore Girls. I've been watching since the very first episode. Seasons 1-5 I own - because I like(d) it so much. It's still good. Not loving it as much this season since ASP quit and left us hanging as to what the last lines between Lorilei and Rory will be. Lorilei married?!! And what is with Christopher being a stand-up guy?
  • Also on Tuesday is Dancing With The Stars. (Season 4 starts on March 19!) As an opponent of reality TV this is the one exception. I watch for the dancing, obvi, not the judges silliness, and not the sob stories that they tell before each couple performs. In fact the professional exhibitions are the best part of the whole show. Those and Tom Bergeron. :)
  • Rounding out the Tuesday evening is Law & Order:Special Victims Unit. A little forced these they're trying to hard to have a "shocking, surprise" ending but the character stories are fascinating. I like seeing "Fin's" son every now and then. B.D.Wong is so cute! (Can you see him as Linus on stage? Check this out.) Richard has the driest humor ever seen, it's like he's British or something! I still REALLY want Elliot to work things out with Kathy, but that doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. Totally love Mariska!
  • Wednesday is a bit of a break after Tuesday's madness - with only Knights of Prosperity and the results show for DWTS. KoP is such a silly show, but the actors do a good job of making it not stupid. It's hard to explain...The celebrity cameos are fun too.
  • Thursday starts up with The O.C. (our only Fox show) and I can't believe they're cancelling it!! After all the drama of Seasons 2 and 3 they finally write a funny show again (Season 1 was hilarious!) and then it gets cancelled. There ain't no justice. Again, we started watching it for Adam Brody who left Gilmore Girls for the O.C. and we stayed to see how it would go. We're still here so it must have had something going for it...I've always been a Peter Gallagher fan, and I'm loving Rachel Bilson and Autumn Reeser both.
  • Then there's the staple of all prime time television: E.R. This show has been on forever but it's still hanging in there. Kinda sad with Laura Innes moving to directing, and what is up with Pratt? Will Mekhi Phifer be back or is he leaving the show too? Love Maura Tierney. And Goran Visnjic has always been my favorite guy on this show.
  • Friday night has/had our last regularly scheduled show: Battlestar Galactica. Not only are they making me wait FOREVER (Feb. 11th) for the return, they're ALSO changing the night. So Fridays will be free and there will be one more show on Sundays. It was not my decision to watch this show, but I'm hooked and can't miss an episode. Baltar is soooooooo icky but you kinda feel for the guy once in a while which I guess is the genius of James Callis. I used to like Apollo and Starbuck but now that they're committing adultery I don't know...Love Edward James Olmos!
  • Saturdays have USC Football as long as that runs and then I actually DO stuff on the weekend!

Wow, that's a lot of time we used to spend in front of the wonder my DVR is 78% full. But I can't stop watching them [whiny singsong voice] they're so good. :)

This is me loving the boob tube!


Rocketgirl said...

MAN do I miss TV!! I don't even know what most of these shows are!! I did love it that one time I called Tarzan and had to go quickly because I had to see the new epi of Gilmore Girls and he exclaimed "I know!! Will Loreli and Rory get back together, I'm dying to see!!" . . . words I never thought I hear my brother say.... and yes, he plays way too many computer games. Love you!

matheson clan said...

Thanks for the plug, Jane! We disconnected cable while I was in school, and now I'm done, I had it reconnected and I'm wondering why?! I spend WAY too much time in front of the TV now! And you're not alone- my other half plays a lot of computer games, too! :)

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