Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome The Fall

So long summer; hello fall. The leaves might not get all dramatic here in the Jungle but there are some definite signs of the season changing.
Tarzan started school today, after a really lovely summer wherein he realaxed a lot more than I can usually get him to do. He's on his own this year, budget cuts dictating he can no longer have an aide in the library. This makes him anxious, not about being alone, but about not being able to do all that he wants to because of the paperwork and filing that the aide usually handles. I forsee a need for my services in the near future.
College football, you may have already noticed, has begun.
And the season premieres of all the random programs to feed my television addiction. I am pretty sure I am the target audience of most shows on the boob tube. I laugh in most of the right places and end up caring about the characters even when I vow to not. I don't guess the endings and I wait anxiously for each subsequent episode in the series.
And the invention of the DVR has just made it easier to watch more shows in less time. No longer do I have to choose between Dancing With The Stars and How I Met Your Mother. I can record both and watch them whenever I want. In addition to those, I abashedly add the following to my Fall lineup.
Brothers & Sisters
Law & Order: SVU

This is me and apparently I am still mentally about 15 years old.

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Rocketgirl said...

So funnily enough, Jared made a list yesterday of all the shows he wants to watch in the new season, and none of yours match :) I'm personally just DYING for The Middle to come back, and Outsourced.

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