Monday, November 07, 2011

Oh Dear

I think I'm getting sick.
For the second time since September.
And it's all the houseboy's fault.
This houseboy at Aunt Richie's, let's call him Speedy - as in Speedy Gonzalez from the cartoons. Stereotypical? Perhaps, but accurate - comes six days a week to clean, cook, feed the cat, maintain the cars, assist the gardener - who also comes six days a week - speak Spanish to all the vendors who come to the door and generally do whatever she needs.
About two weeks ago I came in to work and he was sneezing, sniffling and snorting all over the place. I told him not to touch anything but he did anyway, insisting he wasn't sick. That day I must have washed my hands 20 times and I started taking extra vitamins, with echinacea and zinc and anything that said it improves the immune system.
I thought I had escaped the germs when last Monday I had a minor sore throat, some sniffing and then it went away.
Not so fast, Jane.
Then last week Speedy came to work. Sick. AGAIN. What does the boy do that he can get sick again that fast?
Don't tell me, I don't want to know.
I upped my vitamins again, washed my hands so often they're raw and now today my throat REALLY hurts, as does my head, my nose is running and I'm so annoyed.

This is me, and everyone who's sick can blame him too.

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Master P said...

I know, I know, I' going to totally sound like mom, but have you tried a netti pot? Mom has been after me about using one for years and after my last marathon cold I finally tried it. I wake up feeling a little sick, then I use it and it's GONE all day. She was right... curses.... of course, I don't know how it would match up to Speedy's special germs...

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