Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Try To Use It In Real Life

Every time I have a cold I am reminded of an observation my friend Cogent made years ago; part of the fatigue one feels when ill is because one is required to blow one's nose every 90 seconds.
So true.
And because it hurts my head to think too much, I am falling back on one of the provided prompts for this month.
Why do I like writing?
Two words: delete button.
Writing is so great because, whether texting, typing, emailing or IMing, the delete button let's you edit what you are about to say so it comes out the right way, rather than the first way you think of it. My first thoughts are not always the most coherent and 'delete' lets me fix it.
The down side to this self editing is that I try and use it in real life. I can't count the number of times I've cut, or dropped or said something I wasn't supposed to and tried to 'control Z' it.
Doesn't work and people just look at you weird.

This is me and I think we should petition for 'delete' to be allowed in real life.


Elizabeth said...

:( Sorry you are sick...I know what you mean about wishing one had keyboard shortcut controls one's mouth...ah me...

Sleep lots and have chicken soup. It works. At least, it makes me feel better.

Master P said...

Um ... what does control Z do?? Also, having instant messenger with the husband while he's at work has been a marriage lifesaver. Having conversations with the husband WITH the delete button is just perfect.

RHM said...

There is a nasty cold up here where I am. It grabs you for a few weeks. I didn't go down so hard, but it's lingering and now it's frigid outside and guess who has to work through first period PE in the cold.


Enjoy the warm bed and snuggle some kitties.

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