Friday, November 04, 2011

Ode To Eleven Years

I am not a sappy sort of person - much to Tarzan's consternation - but one thing every year is able to make me a giant ball of mush.
Our anniversary.
Maybe because we started out with such a tentative, nervous celebration - oh, if I could do the wedding over again it would be so different - and the first few years were touchy, blazing the trail of sharing between two families.
Maybe because it's one time it's obvious how long we've been together and how much my life would stink without him.
Maybe because there's only the two of us and each year I value Tarzan more.

Today celebrates eleven years that we have been married. Eleven! That's a lot of numbers.

Eleven years ago we were sealed for time and all eternity.
As the days tick by and it seems we two are all there is going to be in this union it becomes more important to me that we want the same things and do the same things and make it perfect.
I have learned I am a control freak. A high maintenance control freak.
It's a good thing Tarzan is easy going and likes to have work to do...
In addition to those qualities here are some reasons I am glad he likes me a bunch.
I love his being willing to work so hard every day and not resent it.
I love his ability to make me laugh. Makes every day easier.
I love his (truly) not caring what others think. Some kind of confidence.
I love his focus. Nuclear bombs couldn't disturb him when he's in the zone.
I love his concern for his students.
I love his knowledge. Brains are sexy.
Happy Anniversary Tarzan.
I love you.

This is me and eleven years is one less than a full dozen!


RHM said...

Congratulations! I know it's taken some time but I think you've figured out a really healthy balance. May the road continue to rise up to meet you both as you continue your married life.

Master P said...

Congratulations!!!!! I love you two bunches and bunches and I love that you love each other bunches and bunches :)

Elizabeth said...


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